Wordless Wednesday: California Landmarks 4

"California Landmarks 4" - Photo by L. Sanchez, 2009

"California Landmarks 4" - Photo by L. Sanchez, 2009


Ah – I can hear the birds chirping, and some water rushing, and the pine needles crunching underfoot right now … Do you guys know this one????

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0 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: California Landmarks 4

  1. Is that chrome dome…I mean Half Dome? I am such a California landmark illiterate. My nephew who was 11 last year hiked up Half Dome and has the most amazing vertigo inducing pictures I have ever seen. I almost fell down looking at his pictures. Of course, if it’s not Half Dome or Yosemite, forget this whole comment. I was never here.

  2. Hi, Kat and Jeanne! Yes, that’s right! Half Dome. So cool. It’s one of those places that, for a Californian, you “see” it all your life even if you’ve never been to Yosemite (on license plate frames, little logos on sweatshirts, etc.), so when you truly see it, in real life, for the first time, it kind of blows you away. … I loved it.

    Thanks, gals! Jeanne, if I ever meet you, we’ll have to compare Yosemite photos and stories. Did you say once in a previous comment that you went there for your honeymoon?

  3. Hey Laurie –

    We went through Yosemite on our honeymoon. We actually had the best honeymoon – a big pile o’ cash in our pockets and no plans. So we went up the coast at a leisurely pace, up as far as Half Moon Bay (such a poetic name I always wanted to visit it) and then over through Tahoe and back down again. We spent time in Yosemite, but it was seriously cold in mid April, snow everywhere. It was breathtakingly beautiful and we loved it. 🙂 Good memories!

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