And She Typed ‘The End’ …


There really is no greater feeling in a writer’s life than typing those words “The End.” We get to know the characters, we wrestle with them, we talk to them, we argue with them. We rearrange scenes, we rewrite whole sections, we stay up late and get up early. We say no to events, we eat dinner at our computers, we write a gazillion notes, we review them and then rewrite more scenes. We struggle, we cry, we anguish.

And FINALLY … months later … we hit those keys and type “The End.”

It’s really glorious.

So I just finished Lavender Island Book 2 and turned it in this week! This one will follow “The Kiss on Castle Road” and will come out next July. Both of these books are about the Grant sisters, Natalie (“Kiss”) and then Paige (Book 2). I loved writing about these sisters, and I LOVED writing about Lavender Island! I can’t wait to bring these books to you, both in 2016!

So what’s next? Well, for the immediate future, I just have to get my life back in order! Racing to these deadlines means your house sort of falls apart, mail piles up, your to-do list becomes insane, your son points out that he’s grown out of all his shirts, your friends and family are all calling and texting and wanting to get together, and you sort of have to come back to the real world. So that’s what I’m doing now!

But in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be updating about “Kiss” release day fun, the review crew, and more, so stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “And She Typed ‘The End’ …

  1. I can only imagine the process, probably a bitter sweet moment! I can’t wait to read this one, it will be a complete surprise! Congrats! !

  2. Lauren I must admit it is nice hearing from you again, on FB and here. I can’t wait until we can get our hands on #1 from Lavender Island never mind #2. lol
    But it is kind of nice knowing it is done and will be waiting for us. I am so anxious to see what this new series will hold for us, I have no doubts it will be wonderful, but have no idea what sort of turn you have taken with it. So yes very anxious about it.
    I am happy for you that you are through your deadlines for these 2 and can get life back to some sort of normalcy for your family. But that is the life of a writer now isn’t it? lol

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