THE RED BIKINI Won a Literary Fiction Award!

holt-AOM-MSYay! The Red Bikini was selected by reader judges as a HOLT Award of Merit recipient for outstanding literary fiction in the Mainstream / Single Title category.

Very cool!

As a HOLT Award of Merit recipient, my name and book title will also appear in a full page ad in the September issue of RWR (Romance Writers Report).

My little book isn’t breaking any sales records, but I’m really proud of all of its great reviews and accolades!  

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4 thoughts on “THE RED BIKINI Won a Literary Fiction Award!

  1. Congratulations!!! The Red Bikini and Ten Good Reasons are two stories that people can literally dive in (pun intended)…Your vivid descriptions and well developed characters come all alive and once you meet them it is hard to say goodbye. May this award continue opening more doors to you and bring more Sandy Cove’s locals to the spotlight.

  2. Congratulations!!!!! What an honor. You may not be breaking any sales records….yet. We just need to get your books into more hands!! You really are that good!!!

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