Fun Launch Week!

Well, I had a very fun launch week! Thanks to all of you for your supportive tweets, emails, texts, likes and the like — it really means the world to me.

Launch Day itself started out as a normal day — I went to my day job. Nothing different there. But my mom and dad managed to slip out to a Barnes and Noble and found my book, and they sent me pictures while I was at work. My mom spread my books out all across the top shelf. (I’m sure Barnes and Noble appreciates that.) Here she is, looking adorable. Check out her renegade work along that top shelf:

image (2)

That night, I sped home from work, and hubby and I went to our own local Barnes and Noble, and found it there. We took dorky pictures, then he bought a copy. (So sweet.) And then we went to a restaurant nearby and had cocktails and dinner to celebrate:


The next day, after the day job, I had a super-fun Facebook party with fellow authors and Firebird friends Tracy Brogan (“Crazy Little Thing,” “The Best Medicine”), Terri Osburn (“Meant to Be,” “Home to Stay”), Kim Law (“Ex on the Beach,” “Hot Buttered Yum”) — all celebrating the huge launch of our buddy Tamra Baumann’s first contemporary “It Had to Be Him.” It was a lot of fingers flying across the keyboard while we all chatted with friends and fans and asked and answered questions about reading, favorite books, favorite heroes, favorite desserts, and life in general, and it was so much fun. I love seeing all our friends and fans talking to each other, and it gives us a chance to get to chat with you all, too.

The week rounded out with phone discussions with my agent about my new series, making this all seem even more surreal as I was negotiating Book 3, planning Book 4, all the while marketing Book 2. Hard to believe I’m even saying sentences like that.

Overall, it was a fabulous week, and I’ll be updating you with more TEN GOOD REASONS shenanigans as we go!

In the meantime, don’t forget:

* TEN GOOD REASONS is a perfect read for a spring weekend! You can find it at any of these spots:

Barnes and Noble (Nook or paperback)
Amazon (Kindle or paperback)
iBooks/ iTunes
Powells Books
Book Depository (free shipping outside the U.S.)

OR at a Barnes and Noble bookstore near you! At Barnes and Noble stores, I should be in the “New Releases” section in the Romance area. If you don’t see the book there, please ask at the front desk. Those requests encourage them to order my books.

* Don’t forget to take a picture of you and my book.  I will send Sandy Cove souvenir gift packs with $10 Amazon cards to the following:

  • The first person who sends in a photo of themselves with TEN GOOD REASONS in a Barnes and Noble! (My mom was the first, as you saw above, but she is graciously passing along her prize.)
  • The most creative photo of a reader holding TEN GOOD REASONS (sent in between April 7 and June 7). (If several photos seem creative, I’ll pool them together and do a random drawing from the creative ones.)
  • Two randomly selected photos of a reader holding TEN GOOD REASONS (drawings will take place on May 7 and June 7)

That’s four chances to win! Join the fun and get those photos in. You can send your photos to laurenchristopher[at]live[dot]com. Or, on Instagram or Twitter, tag me @mizwrite or hashtag it #10goodreasons and I’ll catch you that way!

* Write an Amazon review. It really makes a difference in a writer’s career how many reviews she gets, so I’m going to be continually begging for reviews. If you’ve already left one, THANK YOU. It really helps.

* Tell your friends about the book! If you have friends who love to read contemporary romance, please spread the word. If you’re a social-media-type person, here are some posts:

My friend’s book TEN GOOD REASONS just launched this week! If you like lighthearted, beach-read romances, this one’s for you:

My friend @mizwrite’s book TEN GOOD REASONS just launched! Kirkus Reviews calls it “smart and sexy”:

OR, an OC focus if you’re a local:

My friend @mizwrite’s 2nd book TEN GOOD REASONS just launched! If you like lighthearted, beach-read romances set in Orange County, this one’s for you:


I’m so excited to talk about the book and hear what you thought! Would you all be interested in a TEN GOOD REASONS book club discussion on Facebook? (Similar to the one we did for THE RED BIKINI?) Let me know!

Thanks, all! And happy reading this weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Fun Launch Week!

  1. Congratulations on saying sentences like that! That is so wonderful and you are so deserving. You truly are a favorite author of mine to read, and not just because I know you, haha. Your style of writing is like watching a great chick flick! I look forward to reading many more!

  2. I had fun too!! I told everyone I know about your newest. I gave out all the post cards. I even talked to our libarian who orders romance. She told me if I found a new author to let her know. She now has a post card for each book. Can’t wait until #3….

  3. Laurie, You need to ask a local B&N if you can have a book signing in one of their stores here in O.C. We could get a bunch of people to do a sort of “flash mob” and create some business for you and them.

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