10 Good Reasons to Read ‘TEN GOOD REASONS’: Reason 8 — The Dolphin Stampede

We’re starting our countdown to launch TEN GOOD REASONS in ten days. Here’s Reason 8 – You’ll get to “experience” a dolphin stampede!

Dolphin stampedes are not uncommon in Southern California, since we have a coastline that is home to the highest density of common dolphin per square mile than anywhere on Earth, up to 450,000 along our shoreline alone. They often travel in herds of hundreds or thousands here. So in TEN GOOD REASONS, I took you along for one of these rides!

Here’s a video of a typical stampede. They’re so peaceful and beautiful, they often make me cry:

So preorder now, and come along for the one that Lia and Evan get to see!


Available for preorder at:

Barnes and Noble (Nook or paperback)
Amazon (Kindle or paperback)
iBooks/ iTunes
Powells Books
Book Depository (free shipping outside the U.S.)

Want to read the first chapter, see some fun facts, and watch videos about this book? Check out the Ten Good Reasons book page on my website!

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3 thoughts on “10 Good Reasons to Read ‘TEN GOOD REASONS’: Reason 8 — The Dolphin Stampede

  1. Lauren, you show us some of the coolest stuff. I love the dolphins but I also had to watch the bubble rings too. How amazing are animals. I would love to live out where you are and do all of your research for you, I think that must be one of the best parts of writing the Sandy Cove series. Thank you for sharing such awesome things with us, and for writing such amazing books!!! 🙂

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