10 Good Reasons to Read ‘TEN GOOD REASONS’: Reason 9 — You’ll Learn Some Fun Factoids About Whales

We’re starting our countdown to launch TEN GOOD REASONS in ten days. Here’s Reason 9 – You’ll Learn Some Fun Factoids About Whales

Or maybe you already know a bunch of whale factoids. I don’t know. But reading TEN GOOD REASONS should feel a little like being on a whale-watching trip – as the hero and heroine, Evan and Lia, take you on several whale-watching tours, you’ll learn some cool whale facts, get to “see” a few different kinds of whales, feel the ocean mist in your face, and even learn what plagues these giants of the sea (and get to “help” in one of my favorite scenes).

And don’t think I made all this stuff up! I actually went on a whale-watching trip myself. Then I contacted a local whale expert and we became quite chummy, emailing my chapters back and forth over the course of several months. She corrected my whale facts, added some of her own, and now you can feel like you’re on your own personal tour while you’re reading the book.

Here’s an excerpt where Lia is trying really hard to be a new whale-watching narrator:

[Lia] went back to the microphone and flipped through Drew’s book to the section on baleen. “So I asked all of you if you knew how many types of whales were in this part of the ocean today. Does anyone know the answer?”

The little kids from the field trip all shot their hands into the air, waving wildly, and Lia fielded answers, watching out of the corner of her eye. …

“Whales are divided between baleen,” she announced, scanning the copy, “which means with teeth made of keratin, like our fingernails; and toothed whales, which are whales with real teeth.”

Evan glanced back at her, and she wondered for a second if she were getting the info right. His expression—especially behind the sunglasses—was inscrutable.

So preorder now, and come out “whale watching” with our trying-really-hard heroine Lia and sexy Evan!


Available for preorder at:

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Want to read the first chapter, see some fun facts, and watch videos about this book? Check out the Ten Good Reasons book page on my website!

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