The ‘Adventure Boots’

Adventure boots in Montana

This is a picture my daughter took of herself, sitting on top of the “M” on the side of the hill in Missoula, Montana, overlooking the campus, the stadium, the Clark Fork River, and most of Missoula, where she is now attending college and just finished her first week. (And is reportedly loving it.)

She took this photo last year, when we were visiting the campus, and she calls the photo “Adventure Boots in Montana.”

She bought the boots last fall at Target — just an ordinary pair of boots that she’d wanted, and got them on sale. But they ended up taking her on a lot of fun adventures over the next year, including Montana, NYC, and some great local California hikes with friends.

But I love that she even has something she calls “adventure boots”! Because this is the girl who always wore dresses at home, who had to have skirts with a certain “twirl factor” when she was 5 years old (although she did carry purses with dinosaurs and rocks in them), who has always been a rather introverted, quiet, reserved girl. And the idea that she’s been forcing herself out there to have “adventures” — and the idea that she was brave enough to travel 1600 miles away to go to college — impresses me to no end.

Here’s to many adventures for my daughter in the “adventure boots” — and a fun, new phase of discovery in this exciting time of life for her!

I’m so proud of the woman she’s becoming.

When’s the last time you had what you’d call an “adventure” — where you had to put yourself out of your comfort zone and do or learn something new? (I’m thinking I might have to get myself a pair of adventure boots and do more of this!)


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4 thoughts on “The ‘Adventure Boots’

  1. I absolutely love this! Good for her!

    I have a “story” that I wrote about myself as a school assignment in junior high and I recently dug it out of the archives. It indicated that despite being introverted and insecure I too wanted to have adventures. Looking back on it I think I’ve been successful in achieving that goal.

    I thought I was going to have an adventure the day I was at the Wedge watching 30′ surf. I was trying to make a day trip to Catalina. The “out of my comfort zone” factor was that before canceling the boat they announced there would be a 50/50 chance the day passengers would be stuck in Catalina for the night; that the return boat would not be able to dock and pick up passengers. I had decided to go for it despite having no idea what I would do if that happened. I guess we’ll never know now 🙂

  2. Lauren,
    sounds like you have one wonderful daughter there. good for her with her getting out there and doing things. its tough when you tend to be more of an “inside yourself” type person, but you know, maybe this is exactly what she needed to bring herself out, going away to school. I hope she can continue to have her adventure boots take her where ever she wants to go and enjoy all of life has to offer her in them. and yes maybe you should try to get yourself a pair too 🙂

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