Book Update

Whew! Busy days …

I’ve been keeping up with my 4,000 words per weekend on Book 2! I joined a fun “30-Day Writing Challenge” on Facebook with my fellow Firebirds — in which we all write for a minimum of 30 minutes a day (you can dash off about 200-400 good words in 30 mins) — and it’s going great. (Perfect timing for me, with my looming deadlines.)

Anyway, I’m now 70,000 words in of a 100,000-word book. Lookin’ good for my deadline.

And meanwhile I’m going through all the copy edits for Book 1. (I’ve been doing Book 2 on weekends and Book 1 on weeknights.)

My agent, editor and I also came up with a series name for my community! It’s “Sandy Cove.” I quite like it for a variety of reasons, mainly because it has the same initials as the place it’ll be based on (San Clemente), maintains that “San” sound at the beginning, and it’s simple and evocative of place.

And guess what? I got my cover! My editor sent it via email while we were on vacation in NYC — and I was looking at it and responding to her and my agent while on the streets of New York City, with my scarf and coat and bustling about, and feeling very writerly, indeed! Totally surreal. … 

So what does the cover look like? Well, I’ll be revealing it after it gets a few more go-aheads and sign-offs, but I’m excited to share it with everyone!

Anyway, until then, I have a few posts planned:

  • Day 8 of our summer road trip (I know, I know — it’s ridiculous how long it’s taking me to write that, but my photos appear to be missing — but the search is on!)
  • Days 9-10 of our road trip (the end — this is a short one, mostly about a book)
  • Our trip to NYC — what an experience!
  • And later the cover reveal! Whoo-hoo!

Hope you’re all having a fabulous fall!

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One thought on “Book Update

  1. Woohoo, can’t wait to see the cover! You are one busy lady, I hope you can still take time to enjoy the holidays! Sounds like a good excuse to not cook =)

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