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I’ve been busy working on my other blog, Things to do in Orange County, with a friend of my son’s, Carli. She was a designer on University of Montana’s newspaper, The Kaimin, where Ricky works, too, and she’s brilliant with logos, fonts and design. She’s graduated, and is now down here in Orange County for a year or two, working at the OC Register as a designer, and Ricky introduced us over lunch when he was down here briefly this summer. (Here’s her website: Carli Kreuger.)

Last semester, she designed Ricky’s new logo, which he uses as his Twitter avatar and on his blog:

And she helped him design his new blog, which is here: The Undeclared.

Then she helped me with my new “Things to do in Orange County” logo, which I’ll use for avatars and on my blog:

Isn’t it cute????

Then she helped me with a new theme and customized design for the TDOC blog, which is here: Things To Do in Orange County. What do you think? We’re still fussing with it a bit, but I’m liking how it’s coming out.

(Next I need to see if she can help me design a logo and brand for my author website!)

I love working with excited, talented people. If you need a logo for a blog, website, or author brand, I highly recommend Carli!

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One thought on “Logo-ing and Designing

  1. The new site looks great! I like the color scheme and font (I’m a big fan of title case type).
    Carli really is the best, if anyone needs branding or site building. Her blog’s interesting too if you’re into fonts and infographics.
    Ric´s last blog post ..Ricky, Don’t Eat That

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