And yes … ANOTHER Favorite Show: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

So I’ve covered my newest obsession with two TV shows: Breaking Bad and The Bachelor.

Here’s my other guilty pleasure:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Yes, I’ve been a housewives fan for a long time. (I’ve even blogged about it before, here and here.)

Orange County was always my favorite – Not so much because I  like the women but simply because I KNOW ALL THOSE PLACES THEY’RE SHOWING! They film in Coto de Caza (right up the street from me), Rancho Santa Margarita (my town), and Ladera Ranch (down the street from me). So I know all those restaurants, all those shops, all the freeways I can see in the backgrounds, all those park benches, all those beaches, the schools they mention, and that lake they walk around is my lake. So that’s why the show is fun. We’ve seen them filming around town, and we’ve seen quite a few of the housewives out and about – I saw Vickie and Don in the parking lot at Lowes; Tamara and Simon at Target; Chris has seen Jeanna on a few occasions at Starbucks and Pavilions; and Ricky sees one of the sons at the gym. So that’s what makes that show exciting for me. But … 

The women themselves are actually quite horrible to watch and they seem meaner than on any other Housewives show, am I right? Just truly mean and vicious to each other. So it gets a little harder to watch each season – there’s not even a funny spirit about it anymore.

My new favorite Housewives show, though, is actually Beverly Hills! I’m really loving that one. I love Lisa and her biting sense of humor. And Jiggy – The Most Pampered Dog on Earth – so funny. And Ken putting up with Lisa but doting on the dog like a woman would. And I adore the Maloofs – Adrienne and Paul (well, Paul’s last name isn’t really Maloof, but gosh, who remembers it? Poor Paul.) They seem like the Voice of Reason on the show, and they keep it from feeling like it’s going to go off the rails like OC did. I’m annoyed by Kyle, but I like to watch her, and I can’t figure Brandi out. Camille is becoming a completely different person all of a sudden – after being The Queen Bee That You Most Wanted to Hate in the early seasons, she’s now seeming sort of sane and reasonable.  And Kim and Taylor are both train wrecks, but you actually feel that they’re going to get help of some kind (although knowing ahead of time the tragic turn that Taylor’s life is going to take is sort of uncomfortable and creepy, huh?). Anyway, Beverly Hills is definitely my favorite Housewives show, hands down.

How about you? Are you as addicted to any of these Housewives shows as I am?

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