9/11 Tributes

Wow, there were some lovely tributes to 9/11 this weekend that we got to see on television — terrific shows about the firemen, the children, many of the heroes. Which were your favorites?

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2 thoughts on “9/11 Tributes

  1. I watched the “I Survived…” tribute. It was 1-1/2 hrs without commercials and it was really amazing to hear their stories. I can’t even imagine being in that first hand and seeing , smelling and hearing what they had to go through. The survivors are all very lucky and blessed to have been able to make it out alive! The fact that they aren’t in a rubber room or on tons of meds is beyond me!

  2. Debi, I know, so true. We did see a show about the firefighters, though, and many of them DID have problems later — many tried counseling that didn’t work at first and they highlighted several that just had to quit or retire. And then they discussed how many ended up with cancer later, and were worried they inhaled so much strange material in that smoke billowing up for days that perhaps the rescue effort contributed to their cancer. It was really sad, but a wonderful tribute to the firefighters, and gave me all that much more respect all over again.

    We also saw a really great show about the two building administrators who kept climbing back up to help people get out into the stairways (which were sometimes blocked from entry). Sadly, they didn’t make it out themselves, but they saved SO MANY lives. It was sad seeing their families who were so proud of them and their bravery, but of course devastated to have lost them. Great show.

    I was glad for all the shows that let us have a glimpse into the bravery and kindness of people on that day, rather than just the evil and destruction.

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