Back to School …

Wow, it’s back to school already! I can’t believe how fast this summer went.

The kids and I spent this weekend getting new school shoes, new backpacks, new jeans, new pencils/pens/binders/folders, and organizing home desks and backpacks for a fresh, new start.

The kids seem excited. Rene always says this is her “New Year’s Day” — moreso than January 1. The first day of school, she says, is the day where she goes in with hope and resolutions — those clean, pink erasers; the clean, empty backpack; and the freshly sharpened pencils simply feel symbolic of all the hope she has for the upcoming year.

How about you? Did you have the bright, clean notebook and “New Year’s Day” feeling when you started school every fall?

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3 thoughts on “Back to School …

  1. I agree with Rene. I always thought of the school year being the “beginning” of the year. It was a time for fresh starts and everything new! I hope they all had a great first day!

  2. I, too, felt like Rene. I love starting something new, and the beginning of each school year (as much as I wanted the summer to last!) was always exciting. Going clothes shopping, getting fresh new pens, pencils, notebooks and folders, and anticipating the fall weather. I will even confess that—as much as I love Fridays—I like starting each new week, so Mondays have their appeal, too.

    Maybe part of the appeal of Mondays is to get to Friday again, when you can can’t wait for the weekend to come. Ready for the fun you have planned or tasks you want to accomplish, or just time to exhale and think. Sit outside with a cup of tea, glass of wine and read a book or savor a magazine.

  3. Interesting that you both felt this way, too! I still thought of Jan 1 as New Year’s Day and had that “fresh, starting over” feeling then (often reorganizing closets at that time, rearranging drawers, etc.), but I don’t recall having that feeling at the beginning of the school year. But I think it’s really neat that you all did, and that Rene does, too! And Barbara, you’re very lucky to find the rainbow in MONDAYS! 🙂

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