Busy Weekend!

We had another busy weekend last weekend —

  • Senior Prom — I took pictures of Ricky and his date, who invited him to her prom at another school. (She “reserved him” in March, is I think how she put it.) He reciprocated and invited her to his, so they’ll gussy up for another round in a couple of weeks. She looked beautiful in a long Grecian-style, off-the-shoulder dress in deep purple. He decided not to go the tux route, since he spent so much money on suits at the beginning of this year and decided to get his money’s worth and actually wear them! So he wore a dark suit with a white shirt and purple tie. Their Prom was at the Ocean Institute here, which he said was cool — whale skeletons hanging, sealife touch-tanks open, etc.
  • 6th Grade Camp — I picked Nate up on Friday — he dragged himself off the bus, all dusty and tired, and he and all the other kids hoisted their backpacks and sleeping bags and duffel bags and shuffled to the cars with moms and dads. They were exhausted from all that rock-climbing, star-gazing, campfire-singing and obstacle-course hiking they did! I noticed he was wearing the exact same thing I dropped him off in. He informed me that he’d been wearing the same jeans and shirt the entire time — simply adding layers on or off for each day, depending on whether it was a “3-layer day,” “4-layer night” or what. (In the nights, he even put his pajamas on over his jeans!) Oh well. That’s a boy, I guess. He had a ball at camp.
  • Sleepovers — And Rene had another girlfriend sleepover with another friend of hers, the same night as Ricky’s prom. She loves sleepovers with friends. But, when I picked her up the next day, she asked, “Don’t you hate it, though, when you wake up way before your friend?” I asked how much earlier she woke up. “Two hours.” “Two hours? What did you do for two hours?” I asked. She said she just looked through her friend’s bookshelves and books. That made me smile. I vaguely remembered that — I recall waking up a lot earlier than my friend Michelle when I’d spend the night at her house, although I knew her parents well enough to go downstairs and hang with them in the kitchen. But that was funny — I’d forgotten about that.

Anyway, the next few weeks look about the same as this weekend, as we wind down the last weeks of school. The kids still have four more weeks left, but they’re filled with graduations, 6th grade promotion, spring flings, grad night, another prom, a track banquet, etc., etc. We have kids all over the place lately, it seems. We hardly know who’s going to be home every night for dinner. 

I’m totally looking forward to summer already. Mine starts about June 26, as far as my calendar is concerned (boxes start to look emptier then). How about you?

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One thought on “Busy Weekend!

  1. I remember all those crazy days of going every which way, trying to get each kid where they need to be, sometimes all at the same time! Slowly as each child has gotten older, my life has calmed down and is quite boring now! I was like Rene, always up earlier than my friends and I hated it (I don’t remember that being an issue with you though!). I think it was really cute how Nate kept all his clothes on all weekend, he sounds like a funny kid! Oh, and Ricky, I hope you post pictures…Justine just went also. They took a big party bus to Seattle where the dance was – she had a blast!

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