Recent Iconic News Photos — Worth a Thousand Words

Photos were an interesting part of the news recently. I love the picture of the fuzzy pink worm caught in the clenched fist of the littlest bridesmaid in Kate and William’s official wedding photo. I loved the incredibly moving picture of the firemen watching the news of bin Laden’s demise on the big screen in Times Square. And everyone has certainly, by now, seen the powerful picture of The Situation Room during the raid on bin Laden’s compound.

But that last one gets more intriguing. An article by Helen A.S. Popkin yesterday outlines several interesting things about the Situation Room photo, from how many times it was Photoshopped for humor (love the one of everyone wearing Beatrice hats and the one of “the Situation” of Jersey fame in The Situation Room — they’re both in the article) to the fact that a Hasidic paper completely Photoshopped Hilary Clinton out because the paper never features images of women in the newspaper. (The paper eventually issued an apology, but only to the White House because they’d changed the photo  — not to women or Hilary Clinton or society as a whole because they managed to edit out a woman who has earned every right to her position.) 

Anyway, “The Situation Room” photo — like the fireman photo and the official wedding photo — are among those iconic images that sum up a week to be remembered.

Worth a thousand words. …

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3 thoughts on “Recent Iconic News Photos — Worth a Thousand Words

  1. I love the Beatrice hat one! What was that hat anyways and why didn’t someone tell her she looked rediculous – reminded me of one of Cinderellas step sisters!

  2. A lot of people seemed to say that about the Beatrice hat! I wasn’t sure what everyone was talking about until I finally saw the hat myself in People magazine. And then … wow … didn’t even know what to say. I wonder if she’s always the person in the family who does outrageous things?

  3. Idk, she seems to be one of the top things mentioned when talking about the wedding though. I wonder if William and Kate are bothered by it – maybe she did it because her mom wasn’t invited…or maybe she just really liked it??!!

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