Maria Shriver and Arnold Swarzenegger Split?

Whaaaaaa? Maria Shriver and Arnold Swarzenegger are splitting? Say it ain’t so …

It’s always sad and shocking when you hear that a seemingly happy couple who are not going to make it. I guess because it makes true love seem more elusive and less attainable.

But it’s not.

It’s attainable. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Maria Shriver and Arnold Swarzenegger Split?

  1. I think it is sad, yet I am already tired of hearing about it! I think the media should just leave it alone and let them figure out what they need to figure out, especially for the sake of their kids.

  2. I feel bad for them. I got to hear Maria Shiver and the two older children speak a lot at the Women’s Conference in Long Beach last year — all are very involved in so many charities, and Maria is such a strong positive influence for women who want to make a difference. I hope all works out for all of them — they all seem like good people.

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