Discussion Still Going On About Jamie!

One of my most popular posts to this day is the one I did about who should play Jamie Fraser in a movie version of Outlander. …

Yup, indeedy, it seems we’re all obsessed about this possibly-most-romantic-hero-ever.

In fact, the discussion is still going on over there, more than a year later — I just got a comment last weekend, in fact, from a young woman who claims she’s found THE guy to play Jamie. And she’s uploaded a [gulp. …] verra cool video to prove it. …

C’mon over to Who Would You Cast as Jamie in Outlander and see her video (along with a few others that were uploaded in comments) and see if you want to change your answer? Or add a new one?

Obviously, the Jamie discussion is just going to go on and on until someone makes that movie! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Discussion Still Going On About Jamie!

  1. At last! Someone who can play Jamie in this decade, not last decade. Many other actors can look the part, but they’re a bit too close to 40 to play the character.
    .-= Kyra´s last blog ..IRL =-.

  2. I know, Kyra! So many people were saying Gerard Butler in the early days, but as time marches on, actors like him are getting too old to play the part! Time may be marching on, but the character stays 27! 🙂

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