Great Gift for Writers

Is this the cutest bracelet you ever did see?

It’s made from actual recycled typewriter keys, each with a smooth silver backing. I got this particular one from JuNxtaposition. The woman who makes them there is named Jeanne, and she’s quite lovely — she e-mailed me to let me know the particular bracelet I wanted was no longer available, but she would be very accommodating about a new one. You can scroll through her site and order a very specific bracelet — seeing the exact letters, colors, or symbols you’ll receive. I ordered a couple of them at Christmas and was in a bit of a hurry to have them shipped, so I couldn’t custom-order, but that option is available, too.

I just think it’s a darling gift for any woman in your life who is a writer. Or who ever used a typewriter. Or who loves antiques. Or loves bracelets. Or all of the above. (That would be me!)

Now I’m going to go put on my favorite Christmas gift to myself. …

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5 thoughts on “Great Gift for Writers

  1. It is the cutest bracelet I ever did see! I love the idea of using old typewriter keys! The picture is great too, I like the boxes you have it sitting on!

  2. Thanks, Debi! There’s actually a whole story to that photo, but I worried it was too boring to write out. But basically my camera is a little busted because I managed to DROP IT (yes, indeedy). So the lens sometimes doesn’t sit right. And it wouldn’t let me take the picture straight down. (As if the bracelet were on a table, which seems natural, right?) So I was looking around for a place where I could “hang” the bracelet and take the pic straight ahead so my zoom lens would work. And I saw my boxes! I ended up kind of liking it because my [messy] desk is in the background, which works for me. 🙂 So thank you! I appreciate the compliment because I had to scramble to get that shot.

  3. That is very cute. I recently found a necklace that I want, and an engraving to go with it. My name on one side and writer on the other. I can’t wait to get it. Heeee

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