The End of a Season …

Well, we didn’t win the big game, but we had quite a cool experience being in Angel Stadium.

We don’t have any pro football in these here parts, so our baseball stadium is the nearest thing we can have to a “big league” venue for football. And we are HUGE Angel fans. So being in the stadium and seeing our boy down on that field was really thrilling, all around.

Here’s Ricky’s fan club heading in to the game:


We also met Superman’s oldest brother there, along with his nephew and bro’s brother-in-law, so we had a fun group.

The field was set up very well. Here’s how it looked, converted from the baseball diamond to a football stadium:


Both teams’ cheerleaders stood on the same side (closest to the seats), and all the fans sat on the same side  of the field but were separated left to right. Only the Mustang players were on the other side of the field.

Here’s us ready to watch the game:



But here’s how we looked by halftime:


It rained the entire game! But it was fun. The boys had fun playing football in the rain, and we had fun sitting in it to watch it in a pro stadium. (Like I said, we don’t get to do pro football around here, so all around it was a unique experience!)

The Mustangs lost, but I was happy that Ricky got the entire experience of going all the way in CIF. That’ll be one great season that those kids probably won’t forget … Win or lose, it was a great, exciting season.


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5 thoughts on “The End of a Season …

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  2. Awesome!

    I’m sorry you guys lost. On the plus side, you got Nino out of the house. Yahoo!


  3. Yes Geri, I am sooooooooo happy that my brother got out of the house!
    It was a har d lose but it is so cool that the boys got to play out on the Angel Stadium grass and be on the big screen!
    I LOVE football so I’m sad the season is over but we always have next year!
    GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’nmh

  4. What a thrilling experience for them! It cracks me up that you were still smiling there sitting in the rain! I have sat through many a game in the rain, living in Washington it is almost expected. I am sorry the boys lost, but how cool to have had it at Angels stadium =)

  5. Geri and Chris — Yes! Good point! We got John out of the house! 🙂

    Debi — yeah, the whole rain thing was seriously a new experience for us. It’s never raining during baseball season here! So that was a new thing. In fact, I asked that morning “Do they allow umbrellas in the stadium?” (I thought it would block people’s view???) So I ran across the street to CVS and bought those silly rain ponchos in case we couldn’t bring our umbrellas in. I’m a newbie! 🙂

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