Your Favorite Things About Fall …

004Fall is my favorite time of year.

I actually suggested to Superman that we get married in the fall, because it’s always been my favorite. (He agreed.)

I love the way the air feels at that time: The air goes crisp. The light gets thin. The sun casts everything in a deep orange right before sunset, and a smoky fireplace scent starts filling the air.

Of course, all this can change on a dime here, and we’re suddenly in 90-degree weather again. And sometimes those smoky scents are coming from our annual wildfires, not fireplaces, which is always a scary thing.

But, overall, fall in Southern California is glorious. Nothing beats a day when the air is cool but the sun is shining like crazy.

Here are my 10 favorite things about fall.

  1. Pumpkin-flavored anything
  2. Fall-scented candles (pumpkin, apple spice, banana bread, clove, maple, etc.)
  3. Leaf decor: on candles, on centerpieces, on candlestick holders, on wreaths — I just love leaves.
  4. Candy corn
  5. Al Michaels’ voice announcing football from the living room
  6. Halloween and all that goes with it (kids’ costumes, neighborhood parties, pumpkin-carving)
  7. Weekend day-tripping to somewhere we can pick apples or pumpkins
  8. Thanksgiving and the relaxed feel that holiday has retained
  9. The fact that it’s always our anniversary around Thanksgiving, and going somewhere that always feels holiday-festive
  10. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade — I totally look forward to this every year, and the whole household knows that I finally get control of the television for these few hours per year.

Man, I could go on all day with this. … I think I could easily do 50, but I don’t want to bore everyone. And I’d love to hear yours — tap in below and tell me your favorite things about fall. Is it anyone else’s favorite season?

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14 thoughts on “Your Favorite Things About Fall …

  1. Amen! Finally, someone else agrees with me that fall is the best season. Everyone claims to love the summer but IMHO summer is entirely overrated. Sure it’s sunny, but it’s stifling hot in most locales and too much sun is bad for your health. Fall is wonderful. Like you, I could go on and on about why I love fall. But, in the end, I wouldn’t be saying anything new. In fact, I think it’s kind of cool how we can say we love fall and we don’t really need to say why. We just know. Even those summer lovers out there know why we, and they, love fall.

  2. Hi Laurie –

    Fall has always been my favorite time of year as well. I love the crisp air and the way the light changes from the full blazing sun to a more muted version. I love brilliantly colored leaves and cold, starry nights. I love wood burning fireplaces and the smoky, woody fragrance that comes wafting up neighborhood chimneys. I love snuggling up under my afghan with my kids and watching a favorite movie while the wind moves and bends the trees to its will. So I guess that means pretty much anything about it!

  3. I’m afraid I haven’t brought ten to mind at the moment Laurie, but just sitting back and thinking had me recalling the following five straight away:

    1. Opening the door to leave the house on crisp autumn mornings, and occasionally being surprised, and in certain ways disappointed by discovering an unseasonally warm day.

    2. Feeding nuts to the squirrels in the park: being amused by the way they suddenly overcome their timidity when there’s food to be had and stored, then watching as they bury their hoard, always remembering to scan their surroundings when the job’s done, as if creating their own mental treasure map.

    3. Early morning walks across grass, that once was dry and firm, but because of the added moisture of autumn, the ground now yields under foot, while the intoxicating smell of fresh autumn clay pervades the air.

    4. Late afternoons as the early nights draw in, walking home as I phone my special lady, and share a sunset with her as we both watch the same red, pink and orange sky, despite how far apart we’re forced to be.

    5. Travelling to work by train as the sun is only just rising, the dawn light flowing over the surface of the river as the train passes, washing away its usual dull brown colour with beautiful shades of magenta and indigo.

  4. Dave (oh! Sad Dallas Cowboys fan!) — Yes, maybe we don’t need to say why, but … inquiring minds want to know … (I say that like “Elaine” in “Seinfeld” in my head). So what are your fave things? Are they different in Texas from in California? I’ll bet football tops the list. And I’ll bet chili is on there somewhere pretty high up. …

    Jeanne — How poetic your description was! Very pretty. … Love it. Forgot about movies with kids! I always crave a Disney movie right around Thanksgiving. I think because when kids were babies, it was the only time I had a long time off and could watch Disney movies back to back with them, so I saw a lot around that time of year. “Beauty and the Beast” soundtrack STILL makes me think of day after Thanksgiving!

    Dave — How poetic your description was also! Are you in England? (“Travelling” with two “L’s” and the “u” in “colour” make me believe so???) Anyway, I often think about what must constitute “fall” in other countries, since Thanksgiving and American football make up a big part of our background for the season, so your description of fall in (I think?) England was was very interesting and lovely.

  5. Laurie, Yes you got me. I’m in the North of England. I thought the fact I kept referring to ‘autumn’ would have given it away (We don’t tend to use ‘fall’ here much.)

    We also have events specific to here, that I didn’t mention. Many towns and cities have travelling fairs around this time of year. There’s a big one in Hull (where I live.) It starts this Friday. I saw them erecting all the rides yesterday, and It filled me with nostalgia and yearnings to return to lost childhood, (mind you, it make me all slushy like that, every year when it arrives.)

    Of course we also have ‘Guy Fawkes’ night (‘fireworks night’, ‘bonfire night’ as it’s also known here) which occurs every autumn. (“Remember remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot”) but I didn’t mention that because I knew it would only have local relevance (also, I don’t like to advertise the fact that historically, my nation tortured and executed political dissidents. That’s best left unmentioned really)

    The one memory I will share about Guy Fawkes night, is this one: As a child I lived in a pretty much run down, working class area, where every street would have it’s own massive bonfire every November 5th. The local kids would gather anything they could that would burn, local families used to take the opportunity to get rid of odd bits of old furniture, and the kids would swell with pride as the bonfire mound grew larger and larger as November approached.
    The thing I remember most, is having to keep a constant guard on our ‘bonnie’ as we called it, because it wasn’t unknown for kids from neighbouring streets to mount raids to steal our wood. Having said that, we used to do the same by raiding their street. It was like tribal warfare amongst the 8 to 12 year olds. Ah! memories.

  6. Laurie, sorry about the mysterious ugly old guy peering out at you from that last post. That was Vynchek, the villain in my w.i.p. book. He has his own blog page, and I didn’t realise that I was logged onto wordpress as him, when I replied to your comment.
    The comments and memories expressed were my own, not Vynchek’s, whose memories of autumn would be much different, I’m sure (I shudder to think!)

  7. Who are these inquiring minds and why are they always so nosy? Well, if they want to know then I suppose I should give the people what they want…

    1. The WEATHER, hands down. I love that I can actually spend time outside comfortably. I love that I can fall asleep with the windows open and without the A/C running. I love that it makes running, biking or a game of touch football outside a whole lot more enjoyable.

    2. Speaking of FOOTBALL, what’s not to love about that? I love that the third Saturday in October is Texas vs. Oklahoma at the State Fair of Texas, and in odd numbered years it’s also USC at Notre Dame. I love that the Cowboys season is underway even with all the heartbreaking losses. I love watching PAC-10 games and getting lost in the thought of how lovely the weather must be on the West Coast. Football is the new American Pastime.

    3. That’s not to say I don’t like the original American pastime because I love the fall for the WORLD SERIES. It’s not called the Fall Classic for nothing. I love that after 162 games we still haven’t settled the score of who is the best team. I love the pageantry around the World Series. I love that anything is possible in the World Series (except when it involves the Cubs). It’s true Americana and I love it.

    4. The FOOD of fall is my favorite. I love soups and stews, hearty one-pot meals that just make you feel good. I especially love the bounty of the harvest this time of year that finds its way into soups and stews of all kinds. I love to cook and this is my favorite time of year to cook.

    5. Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! I love pumpkin bread and I cannot get enough of it this time of year. Pumpkin pie? I’m your guy. Pumpkin donuts at Krispy Kreme? I’m there. This year I am going to try making pumpkin risotto for the first time. With simple tasty ingredients, how can it not turn out great?

    So, as the song goes, these are a few of my favorite things… about fall.

  8. Hi, again Dave/Vynchek! No worries about sending Vynchek to tell the tale — although yes, it shows a softer side of your villian, no? 😉 And yes, if he could tell his own story about Guy Fawkes night, it would probably be very different indeed! Funny. Love that your villian has his own blog page. I see a lot of “characters” on Twitter, too. Much fun. Thanks for sharing all your autumn memories of England, though. It’s always fun to get a different perspective.

    And Dave-the-sad-Cowboys-fan — Awesome list! I knew football would be up there for you, but I almost forgot about the World Series! Great fun. (Although we’re always a bit disappointed that the Angels didn’t quite get there.) And food — yes, the fall food is the BEST! Love stews, as well as anything with nutmeg or pumpkin spice. And pumpkin — I wholeheartedly agree. Hey, where’d you see that pumpkin risotto recipe? I’m actually putting together a “pumpkin recipes” article for Lifescript right now. … Part of my obsession. 🙂

  9. By the way — did you say pumpkin doughnuts???? Wow. I tried the pumpkin pancakes, I will admit, at IHOP. And I heard Starbucks has a pumpkin frappucino? yummmmm ….

  10. I haven’t actually seen a recipe for pumpkin risotto, but I had a butternut squash risotto once in New York City and knowing how to make basic risotto, I have a good idea of how to incorporate pumpkin. So, I figure I can make a pumpkin risotto pretty simply. I can write up a recipe for you if you need one. It shouldn’t be too hard, I already have it mapped out in my head.

    Yes, Krispy Kreme makes pumpkin donuts this time of year. The donuts have a maple syrup glaze and are absolutely delectable! I don’t know if you have a KK anywhere near you but if you do then you definitely need to try one. It will change your life!

  11. Dallas Dave — Oh, gosh, I’d better not try a Krispy Kreme pumpkin doughnut … If I do, I might not stop … It’ll be ugly …

    But guess what? I found a pumpkin ravioli! It’s at the end of this slideshow from Goodhealth: (The whole slideshow is great, actually.)

  12. Since people are adding sports to the mix, I will too. Basketball season starts, and since I’ve been an avid Lakers fan since the early 80’s, it’s a particularly enjoyable time for me. 4 months of no basketball and I’m seriously jonesin’ by now. Preseason game tonight and I couldn’t be happier! Except if I was actually there, of course…

  13. That pumpkin ravioli looks awesome! I would serve it with a brown butter sauce so the healthiness would plummet but it would be tasty!

  14. I always know it’s fall when Laurie puts our fall wreath out and all the decorations in the room turn to oranges and th like. She creates a warm and beautiful home for us each year (and each season).
    I look forward to all that and my salsa on the weekend watching the baseball playoffs/world series. Also college football on Saturdays! My kids’ sports activities and and the cool, crisp air. We don’t get much in the way of drastic environmental changes like other parts of the country but it is nice when the air turns brisk!

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