Pumpkin Carving Ghoul-ore!

Okay, we’re carving away! Superman and the kids got started on their pumpkins last night, and today we’re finishing things up.

Here’s Nathan’s so far:


Here’s Rene’s:


And here’s Superman’s.

He has a strange talent for this.

(He also likes to make the biggest mess.):


And here’s my project. Mom gets to roast the pumpkin seeds:


So we’re workin’ away, here! I’ll take some more when they’re all done and lit for the night.

Until then, let’s see Superman’s cool ghoul once more.

(I might have to hire him out next year…):


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2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving Ghoul-ore!

  1. Those are some awesome Jacks!
    You must have some talented people in that house!!!!

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