Groundhog Day

I feel a bit like the groundhog who pokes his head up on February 2 and takes a look around at the world.

I turned in Book 2 to my editor on February 1 and, like the groundhog, kind of poked my head out the next day and tried to take in everything that had happened while I was in Deadline Mode.

For one: darling daughter’s Winter Formal dance. For others: the house looked like a hurricane hit. And more: closets in chaos, laundry threatening to overtake the laundry area, doctors appointments needing to be made, opened Christmas gifts still lining the family room wall, etc. I also had to go through my desk and unbury All The Important Papers I’d Ignored. Oh, and I have a book coming out this year, so there was all the marketing for that that had been piling up.

So I got to work! For the last two weeks, I’ve just been dealing with things one at a time.

I have a lot of blog posts piled up, too, so I’ll start posting them this week. I’ve missed my blog! Here we gooooooooo ….

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