Well, this is just the most exciting post I’ve ever written: I sold my book!


*cue confetti and champagne corks*

My lovely agent Jill Marsal helped me sell my first book to Berkley-Penguin Publishing in a 2-book deal!

Berkley bought “Making Waves,” about Fin and Giselle, which should come out July 2014. Plus the follow-up book (working title is “Finding Delta”), about Giselle’s youngest sister Lia and her hero Evan, which should come out March 2015.


I’m still peeling myself off the ceiling.

I’ll write more soon. … For now, I’ll be Snoopy-dancing around the living room. …

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7 thoughts on “SOLD!

  1. Laurie I know this is a dream come true for you. This reinforces what family and friends have said for so many years regarding your fabulous gift. You have earned every right to celebrate!

  2. Thanks, everybody!

    And Debi, Crystal, and Kristi — sure hope I can keep you all as beta-readers, although I know you’re all super busy these days. Thanks for ALL the help and feedback you’ve given!

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