He Came and Went!

Well, our oldest came home from college for summer, but alas, he’s already gone! It was a quick three weeks. He left today for Seattle, where he’ll have a summer internship with Seattle Met magazine, which I think sounds uber-fun.

He had three fast weeks of:

  • Sleeping in (check)
  • Eating Oreos (check)
  • Eating food that someone else paid for and made (check)
  • Visiting his grandparents (two nice visits: check, check)
  • Going to our favorite Mexican-food restaurant, Don Joses (check, check)
  • Eating In-N-Out (check, check, check)
  • Watching endless hours of Arrested Development (check)
  • Going to an Angels game (check, check)
  • Hanging out with old high school friends (which is hard because they’re mostly still in school at their respective colleges) (but — check, check, check)
  • Work out at his old gym (check)
  • Hang out a little with his sibs (check)

And we had three fast weeks of him!

I’ll miss him again, but I’m so excited for him to spend a summer in the heart of Seattle, editing and writing and soaking in a new city …

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2 thoughts on “He Came and Went!

  1. You are very proud of him … as you should be Laurie! What a great young man he has grown up to be. And I know all too well your feeling each time he leaves. He sure has been blessed with your writing talent!

  2. He picked a great weekend to come to our area – it is beautiful and sunny! I hope he likes it here. I am glad you got to enjoy him for those weeks, it is amazing how quickly it goes =( Happy Fathers Day to Chris, btw!

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