Hey, I Won a Prize!

Look at all this loveliness that came for me in the mail today:

I was the randomly selected winner in the drawing for an Amazon gift card that K.M. Jackson (or Kwana, to those of us who follow her fun blog, Kwana Writes) held on her blog the other day! She was celebrating the release of her new book, Through the Lens.

And look at all the lovely things she sent: a fun leopard-print scarf, a very Hollywood-vintage bling-y frame, a beautiful card, and — of course — the Amazon gift card and some exciting promo items for her new book! I was so excited to open this package!

Kwana’s a class act.

I “met” Kwana through the blogosphere a few years ago, and we just seemed to have so many things in common — both sending kids to college the same year, both trying to find time to write our books, both grew up in the ’80s, both in happy 20+-year marriages, both love art and decorating, both struggling with all the things you struggle with when you’re a busy mom. … It’s been a joy to watch her career blossom and watch her get her books done!

(And I hope to be right behind her!)

Just thought I’d share such a lovely package, and such a lovely lady.

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4 thoughts on “Hey, I Won a Prize!

  1. Thanks so much for this Laurie. I’m so happy you like the prize and yes we have been on this journey together with the words and the kids. I know I will be reading your fabulous books soon too. I can’t wait!

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