A Funny For You…

I haven’t mentioned my funny blogger friend Tracy Kunzler in awhile, have I? She’s still cracking me up with her posts that she writes for us at Health Bistro.

Here’s the last one she did, filled with her cleverly conjured horror-movie ads for people we all know and (… ahem…) still love…

A sampling:

SEE: Food & lingerie catalogs mysteriously vanish!
HEAR: The cracking voice change and squeak!
SMELL: Body odor and things too horrid to mention!
Run for the Lysol, it’s the…

You wake up, it’s there.  You make a call, it’s there.
You go to the market, it follows you.
It sticks to you like a horrible rash.
There’s no escaping the…
He’s cute and he’s sweet, but he sure can put the “hell” in helpful!

Read the rest here! (There’s the “Man Who Refuses To Call a Professional Contractor,” “The Newly Successful Dieter,” “The Guilt-Inducing Mother” and more…) And if you like them, be sure to leave her a comment over at Health Bistro!

Here’s Tracy’s own blog: Ungirdled Passion. Swing by and say hi!

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