3 for Thursday: Your 3 Favorite Flowers

In honor of the beautiful hydrangea that’s sitting on my desk right now from my sweet coworker, I thought I’d ask everyone what their 3 favorite flowers are! (Hydrangea is definitely one of mine!)

And — in honor of the fact that Superman reacted to my news of the hydrangea with the exclamation “Wow, did you tell her that was your favorite flower?” — bonus points if you can name the 3 favorite flowers of your significant other!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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7 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: Your 3 Favorite Flowers

  1. I protest. How could one possibly come up with three favorite flowers? I certainly don’t have three favorite children… well. Anyway. If I had to pick three of my favorites during the summer months?

    Sunflowers. I love how cheerful and well, sunny they are. A huge bouquet of sunflowers makes me smile.

    Roses. There was a time when I thought roses were too common. Yup, during my elitist period. ; ) These really are the workhorses of the summer garden–especially when you live in the desert where 100+ is common. Best yet? You really should pick them for bouquets; they last longer inside. It’s a kindness. This is important because, like Crystal, I realize I’m cutting short the flower’s life just so I can enjoy them inside. With roses, no guilt.

    Daisies. Yup. These simple flowers are actually a composite, which tickles my irony funny bone. Daisies are happy the way sunflowers are sunny. A huge bouquet of them alone is gorgeous. But because these flowers are so unpretentious, you can pair them with hydrangeas (which I did last week), roses or…well, really any flower that’s in bloom

  2. When I was a little girl, Pansies always made me happy! I loved the purple and black ones and still do. My other favorites are like you Laurie, the Hydrangeas and I love Peonies too! My husband planted me a rose garden when we moved into our house and I have to agree, they seem to be prettier and last longer in vases.

  3. All great choices!!! — Daisies, roses, lilies, tulips, pansies, peonies. … I used to not like to put flowers in a vase, either, Crystal, until I realized that most plants flourish more when you cut them back, so then I started cutting them quite a bit! I don’t have much growing in my garden right now until we get our sprinklers back on track, so now I’m just dreaming of flowers I want. …

  4. Sadly, my thumbs are brown! I have the roses garden that my husband planted and takes care of for me, and several flower/plant beds around our property. We used to have a vegetable garden a few years ago, but not lately. I made a deal with my husband years ago that I would do all the inside stuff, if he took care of the outside stuff! I can’t stand to weed or cut grass, etc….so, luckily he is great with that stuff! Every Mothers Day he gets me three huge hanging baskets of flowers for our patio and I water them, but that is as brave as I get!!

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