3 for Thursday: 3 Places You’d Love to Visit Again

It could be national or international, and perhaps you HAVE visited them a second time. … But what are three places worth a second visit in your mind?

For me:

  • Yosemite (and have visited again)
  • Tahoe (and have visited many times)
  • New York City (have gone twice, but would love to go back again — haven’t even scratched the surface on my sightseeing!)

How about you?

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5 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Places You’d Love to Visit Again

  1. Alaska – went to Denali once; stunningly beautiful.
    Chicago – was there once, not enough time to see everything
    Barcelona – been there 2x, would love to go again

    and I’ll sneak in a 4th – Buenos Aires. Loved it, but I was only there 3 days.

  2. 1. Barcelona(Barcelonetta)-I want to spend a summer there with my son.
    2. Mexico City- Also want to take my son to visit the pyramids, learn about the culture, and the food!
    3. Coronado, San Diego- I stopped there for breakfast once and would like to go again.

  3. 1) If I had the money and the time, I’d go to Italy in between every other vacation. The Italians know how to appreciate and savor every day life a little more. Coffees are beautiful. Blood orange juice for breakfast. Sarde en Saor, a Venetian dish, with sardines, onions, white wine, raisins and pine nuts. Mmmm. All the wine bars (seems like every other storefront) to stop in and have a quick tapas-like bite while on the go. And you’re surrounded by great art, beautiful ruins, or gorgeous landscapes.

    2) London. I always hope to hit London at least on a stopover for a day when traveling somewhere else. This city is endlessly interesting and easy to navigate. You can get a good cuppa tea (people actually take a moment to sit down and enjoy this at some point in their day). And it’s now a great food town—so much more than when I went there the first time in 1987. I live the patchwork city, the juxtaposition of old and new buildings.

    3) The Middle East. I was fascinated by the whole experience. The generosity and hospitality that us a hallmark of thus region. Fabulous foods. The ancient Egyptian ruins that seem to dwarf anything Greek or Roman. (But still loved the Greek Graffiti in the Valley of the Kings and Queens. And some of the Roman ruins were amazing—indentations from Chariot wheels, visible signs running throughout canyon walls of Roman aquaducts in Petra that are thousands of years old. And well-preserved amphitheaters where you can sit at any point, yell, and hear your voice reverberate. Old Moorish buildings from the time of the Crusades, still on tact. And it seems like there are so many ruins that nothing is encased.) Wonderfully different from the West…

  4. What great answers you all had!

    Steve — I always like your photos on FB and always look at them to see where you’ve been — interesting life you lead.

    Geri — With a vote from both you AND Steve, now I want to go to Barcelona! 🙂

    Barbara — See? You should totally be a travel writer! (I hope you’re following up on that.) I really loved your descriptions, and you make me want to go to every one of those places!

  5. Thanks, Laurie. Travel writing (more along the lines of the personal essay than service pieces) and food writing really hold appeal for me. My Food Writing Boot Camp class (initially postponed) just started, and it’s full speed ahead! First piece was more of a news item/trend, and I chose to do it on ‘gluten-free’ — buzzword or here to stay?

    Apologies for the typos. Between typing on my iPhone keyboard (have yet to master this) and the stubborn AutoCorrect feature, my typos are rampant! (Did I mention that I write/edit for a living?? LOL)

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