Goodbye, April

So, … April.


What a terrible month.

April was like some terrible houseguest, showing up all gloomy, staying much too long. She drained our bank accounts, broke our computer, blew up one engine of one car, which led to a craziness of driving schedules for five people so we could share cars and drive everyone where they needed to go. She brought despair over colleges, panic over college costs, worry about the future college careers of our next two kids. She crashed our hard drive, broke our garbage disposal, and then FINALLY – in a sweep of relief one weekend – left.

{Deep breath.}

May is better.

She’s a better houseguest. She’s quiet, polite and letting us get our lives back together.

May can stay for awhile.

(… at least for another 2-1/2 weeks.)

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One thought on “Goodbye, April

  1. Wow – that sounds like a terrible month! It does always seem to happen like that for me too, one thing breaks around the house and then a spiral of things all at once! I am glad May is better for you! I know how you feel about the college costs, it is kinda crazy. I am shocked that I have been paying for so long, but finally have the oldest one down to months left!! He, of course, was a 5 year college student because of baseball and transferring and I never thought it would end! Not ideal, but I see the degree in the near future…yeah!! Now to get Nat through and Justine started in another year!!

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