‘Best of the West’ Swag

Lots o’ swag came out of the Natural Products Expo West weekend this year! Whenever I come home, and start laying out all the great new health-food products across my dining table, my kids get all excited! They particularly love the coconut water, yogurt-covered anything, Pirate’s Booty/Popchips and other crunchy snacks. And this year there was a lot of herb- or vitamin-infused chocolate! (So Rene loved that.)

From previous expos, we’ve added to our diets: Greek yogurt, silk milk, and omega 3s. So even though I’m there for article ideas for work, the Sanchez family does benefit from some lessons learned! This year, I’m particularly curious about all the alternative sweeteners (Stevia, agave, etc.). I brought home lots of samples of those.

Are there any cool new health foods you’ve incorporated into your and your family’s diets?

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5 thoughts on “‘Best of the West’ Swag

  1. I purchased my first ever diet book. I was so reluctant, because I am NOT a dieter. I got the Carblovers Diet. So far I love about half the meals! I’ve lost 2lbs and husband has lost 4. Regardless of weight loss, I am so happy to have more variety in our meals! And the food really is good, and no expensive. In fact, the first week we spent less on groceries than we have in a long time.

    It wants us eating greek yogurt as well. Is it good, and do you know the difference between it and regular yogurt?
    Posey´s last blog post ..He and I- we had words

  2. That all looks yummy to me too! I try just about anything that is supposed to be better for you, half the fat, less sugar…you name it. I like to have my dessert, but I want it lower in calories, etc! (makes me think I am doing good 😉 I just tried those popcorn chips that one of your regulars on the blog had mentioned (I think Barb??), they are really dangerously good!

  3. Congrats, Posey! That’s sounds great — having variety in meals is a good way to eat better, that’s for sure! Greek yogurt is EXCELLENT. It’s much thicker than regular yogurt and usually doesn’t have as much sugar. I love the Chobani brand (which, incidentally, was at the expo! I had it for lunch one day.). The vanilla flavored one has just a hint of flavor without much sugar, which I eat for breakfast. And plain Greek yogurt can be substituted for sour cream in a lot of recipes. Once you try it, you’ll love it!

    Dare and Debi — Yes, it was fun, and there really were a lot of great new products to sample there. I’ll have to go back, Debi, and look for which popcorn chips Barb mentioned! : )

  4. I just looked for you Laurie, because I wasn’t sure if it was Barb or not – it wasn’t. It was Patti from your January entry about assessing the holiday weight gain. She said she did demos at Walmart and the chips are called Chipins – they are really good. I still like my veggie chips though – it’s a great way to get my vegetables in, haha!! You should also look for the brown rice chips, they have them at costco and you can eat quite a few with low calories and fat!

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