3 for Thursday: 3 Books You’d Want to Have if You Were Stranded in a Mountain Cabin for 4 Months

… and no eReader or computer!

So you have to read the same books over and over. What 3 could entertain you for 4 months?

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8 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Books You’d Want to Have if You Were Stranded in a Mountain Cabin for 4 Months

  1. I don’t think I have ever read a book twice, so hmmmm….
    1 – Of course it has to be my bible – I read it everyday already, so that is a must. It also is very long so it might keep me entertained for years!
    2- Bet Me – I know this is one of your favorites too, I actually do want to read this again!
    3 – A cookbook for island cooking, haha! No, how about your first book, Wings – the chances of me being stranded on an island before you get published is really a longshot!!

  2. okay, I was trying to be funny and now look stupid! Not an island – duh! And since I could see myself in a cabin….
    3 – Undeomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. It was a fun book to read.

  3. 1) M.F.K. Fisher’s “The Art of Eating” – Gorgeous writing, inextricably about culture and food at the same time. Rich, funny, emotional, beautiful, and some great recipes. This big thick book would keep a person thoroughly entertained.

    2) A book of essays by James Baldwin, or a collection of shorty stories by Hemingway or Faulkner, maybe.

    3) The Riverside Shakespeare. With a concentrated amount of uninterrupted time, I would like like to dive into Shakespeare and read all of his plays. See they many ways a person could be enriched by immersion in great art. OR, and anthology of 20th century American writers.

    These choices would keep my mind working, questioning, interpreting, imagining after reading.

  4. Well I am probably going to sound dull here, but I am really interested in History, Ancient History, Americas’ History, etc.
    So here goes:
    1. History of the Incas by Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, there is so much data in there, that it needs to be read more than once just to grasp how they flourished, and lived and died as a civilization.

    2. 1421 The year China discovered America by Gavin Menzies. This tells how China made voyages all over the world and explains how some species of food and animal being native to other nations were found in the Americas when Europeans arrived in 1492.

    3. 1434 Again with the Chinese and how they traveled to Italy and left many of the material that started the Renaissance and offers proof of the origins of the materials from archives around the world. Again too much data to absorb in one reading.

    I know you said 3, but I thought I might be able to sneak a 4th one in and that would be:
    4. 1491 by Charles C. Mann. It is the history of how the Americas were before the arrival of Columbus and Europeans. How there were thriving metropolises in the Americas and the conditions and the technologies that existed then and lays some proofs to dispel the notion that the native then were wild and uncivilized.

    Because I am really into genealogy, I developed a love of history while trying to learn of the conditions of the world during the lives of the ancestors as I discovered them. The more I learned about history, the more I realized I needed to learn. I also began to see that some of what I was taught in school was not how things really were.
    If I were forced to take only three books, then I would forgo the one on the Incas for the next hibernation period.
    This was really a good challenge Laurie.

  5. Now I seem stupid and dull! Those are all such good, education, enrich your life books and I picked fun – oh well!

  6. Nah, I think I’m with you on this one, Debi! I think I’d pick something really fun, something that feels like a movie. I just can’t think of which … I believe I might pick Susan Eliz Phillips’ “Lady Be Good,” because I HAVE read that many times, and it still makes me feel great when I finish it. My heart just feels happy at the end of that book!

    As for the other two … hmmm … still thinking. …

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