3 for Thursday: Your 3 Favorite Christmas Songs!

Okay, I can’t wait to hear everyone’s favorite Christmas songs — and bonus points if you can name your favorite rendition (i.e., Ray Charles’ “White Christmas” or Bing Crosby’s?). Also, I’d love to hear where you hear them — Do you listen to them all month in your car? Do you load them onto an iPod? Or do you play “Sounds of the Season” on cable?

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12 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: Your 3 Favorite Christmas Songs!

  1. When I was little we had a bunch of Christmas albums that my mom would pull out for us to listen to through the season. I have to say that my favorite was “Sing Along with Mitch” – I don’t know who Mitch is, but I loved singing along with him! My favorites are –
    1 – I say Mommy kissing Santa Claus
    2 – Up on the House Top
    3 – Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow (is that the name??)
    I don’t pull them out and listen to them all season anymore (I should). I just listen to what is on the radio mostly and pull out a CD when I am wrapping presents and then play them all Christmas morning!

  2. Well this one is easy. I remember first hearing this first one on the radio on my way to work one morning. It was by Band Aid in 1984.
    1. Do They Know Its Christmas? I teared up when I first heard this and I still get goose bumps when I hear it.

    In 1967 I was in Viet Nam for Christmas and we were at Midnight Mass at the Base Chapel. All the G.I.s in dirty fatigues and weapons on their shoulders and we sang This song and there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire Chapel.
    2. I’ll Be Home For Christmas. I still choke up when I hear this one.

    3. Happy Christmas (War is Over). Also referred to as So this is Christmas.
    I like the John Lennon version, but Celine does a great job. Love them both.

    The week before Christmas we usually just load up the CD player and play Christmas music all day long. So many beautiful songs out there.

  3. Ok, here goes…

    1-“The Christmas Song.” It’s a classic Mel Torme song popularly known as “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” but I happen to think the absolute best version is the one by the Great Nat King Cole!

    2-“Happy Christmas (war is over)” by John Lennon. Very moving yet very simple. Like that my father likes this one too!!!

    3-“Silent Night” by the AWESOME Mahalia Jackson! I urge everyone to get her classic Christmas album. Talk about CHILLS when she sings…

    Laurie I could go on and on..

    Ray Charles classic Christmas album has to be in a class all it’s own!

  4. Hi Laurie,

    Great topic…so many from which to choose! Can I pick more than 3? 🙂

    In no particular order:

    1) The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole’s version) brings back fond childhood memories of decorating the tree with my family.

    2) White Christmas – Bing Crosby (I love the movie too)

    3) (It must have been ‘ol) Santa Claus – Harry Connick Jr. (from the fantastic album – When My Heart Finds Christmas).

    4) O Come All Ye Faithful – any midnight mass choir version. To me, this song epitomizes Christmas.

    5) O Little Town of Bethlehem. – favorite version? Tough call, but I’ll mention my wife’s Christmas CD for this song. I also love her version of Silent Night and her a Capella version of Still, Still, Still. Song clips here (this is NOT a plug to buy, just listen!) : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/conniesalazar2

    Merry Christmas Laurie!

  5. I love all kinds of holiday music and have it on most of the month of December. I love that the iPod/iTunes makes it so easy to load and mix them all up – I have a never ending playlist! But naming favorites is tough there are so many of them!

    1. A new favorite for it being clever and fun and because I especially love choral holiday music is The Twelve Days of Christmas performed by Straight No Chaser.
    2. Peace Peace/Silent Night performed by the IVC Chorale. I sang in the IVC Chorale for many years and we performed this song at the conclusion of every annual holiday concert and it always and still chokes me up. I’m still searching for a good recorded version …..you know, performed by professionals.
    3. Anything on the Charlie Brown Christmas album by Vince Guaraldi.

    Hey Debi, we had Sing Along with Mitch too growing up!

  6. Oh, those are all good ones too – I had forgotten about some of them. I love Happy Christmas! Also, I love the song “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time” by the Flirts – it takes me back to my high school days! I know I now have more than three, but I couldn’t resist!

  7. Oh my gosh, I love all of these!! I’m scribbling them all down so I can go look them up on iTunes or YouTube!

    Steve, thanks for sending the link to your wife’s clips! I’m listening to that one first. : )

    And I’ve never heard of “Sing Along with Mitch” — funny. I’ll have to look that up, too.

    I’ll check back in over the weekend!

  8. Well, I’m the same age as Debi, so that can’t be it. … It sounds like something your parents might have bought for you — yes? So was it something your parents liked? My parents listened to a lot of John Denver as I was growing up! I believe we had a John Denver 8-Track of Christmas Songs. 🙂

  9. Sing along with Mitch was about Mitch Miller and his Orchestra. A television show which featured him and a lot of different singers. They would do a sing along and show the words/lyrics witha bouncing ball going across the top of the words as you sang them. It was pretty popular back in those days.

  10. I don’t remember a tv show with Mitch Miller, but the album had a song book that you could sing along with. I have older siblings Laurie, so maybe we had it before I was born – I don’t remember a Christmas without it. I just remember sitting by the fire in the living room (that we never used), singing as loud as I could along to the music!

  11. Okay, I found “Sing Along With Mitch” and listened to a few songs. I was picturing a funny kind of thing, like the Chipmunks or something, but it’s a serious orchestra! The Christmas one says it’s from 1958. Interesting that you all share that memory. My parents must have missed that boat!

    And Steve, I listened to clips of Connie’s Christmas album — just beautiful! You’re right about “Still, Still, Still” — that one is especially pretty! I also loved “Away in a Manger.” She’s so talented.

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