3 for Thursday: 3 ‘Must-Do’s’ Whenever You Have a Day Off

Hope you all got a day off on this Veteran’s Day. Falling in the middle of the week is always kind of weird, but it’s still nice to get to sleep in, go get your Starbuck’s coffee, or whatever you do on a day off.

So that’s today’s 3 for Thursday! What are 3 things you “must” do on a day off to make it really feel like a day off? Do you treat it like an extra weekend day? Or do you try to do something wildly different?

I’d love to hear!

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5 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 ‘Must-Do’s’ Whenever You Have a Day Off

  1. To feel like a day off?????? My favorite!
    1-Sleep in! Although knowing it’s a day off my body wakes itself up super early just to spite me!

    2-Make a comforting breakfast; doesn’t matter if it’s something simple like cinnamon rolls or a big brunch type thing. Just makes a day off seem like a day off.

    3-Play with and somehow benignly annoy the kids!


  2. Of course my day off has to start with my trip to Starbucks. Although, my work days have to start that way too. Then I have to spend some time catching up on my podcasts from my favorite sports talk station in Dallas, TX: 1310 The Ticket. Lastly, for a real day off, I have to cook something sumptuous. You know how much I love to cook and it’s my favorite part of a day off.

  3. Sounds ideal, Dave! And even though the trip to Starbucks is the same for work days AND days off, it still probably feels completely different on days off, huh? Do you order anything different? Feel more leisurely in line? Stay around awhile instead of dashing out the door? Order a lemon loaf? 😉

  4. You know, I never really thought about it before but I am much more leisurely at Starbucks on my days off. I may or may not sit and enjoy my drink and pastry, but I don’t feel like I am in a rush when I am waiting in line and I’ll make small talk with the folks working. And yes, I do order lemon loaf or pumpkin loaf on days off whereas work days are just my drink and I am out the door.

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