Diet Coke Update

Well, I’m pleased to say the “giving up Diet Coke” thing wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be! I gave it up completely that day I blogged about it, and haven’t had a single sip since. There were terrible headaches for the first few days (although not quite as bad, since I “weaned” off it over the previous week — 5 D.C.s, down to 4, down to 3, down to 2, etc.), and lots of irritablity (like M. said, I started to worry my generally sunny mood was all in that can!!!), but the headaches only lasted about four days and weren’t nearly as intense as I thought they’d be. The irritabilty lasted about five days, but grew less intense each day, so eventually I stopped worrying that a positive attitude came from Diet Coke. ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall … it’s been fine! I’d venture to say … gulp … easy? Now I wish I’d done this a long time ago. I don’t even crave it. I mostly just drink water now, although I had one iced tea one hot day at lunch. I can’t believe I don’t even miss it.

Okay, so one health measure down (or two, really, if you want to count “drink more water”)! Now I’m on to the next one. … trying to incorporate more exercise! Ack.

Superman’s friend is undergoing triple-bypass surgery today. He’s only 40-something. And some of our younger family members are hearing some bad news about heart health, diabetes, etc., so it’s making us think about our own health. I know sugar is a problem for me — not only the obvious sweet stuff I love, but all the hidden sugars in bread, etc. Never too late to try to get back on track, right?

What about you? What are some of the major changes you’ve made to your diet or exercise habits due to health?

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7 thoughts on “Diet Coke Update

  1. Hello Laurie,

    I am happy to hear you are taking better care of your health. It’s nice to hear people making positive changes in their lives.

    As for me i haven’t made many changes to my diet, but i did quit TV about 2.5 years ago.

    I’m the kind of person who will find something interesting on TV and next thing you know, six hours later i haven’t moved off the couch. Not good.

    So i just quit all together. Whenever i want to relax, i sit next to little Ruben and watch him play. If he’s gone i pick up one of my books and read.

    I don’t really miss it. Every once in a while i will catch Oprah or Chelsey Lately.


  2. Good for you Laurie! I know it is hard changing something you have done for so long. And finding out you need to for future possible health reasons, well it is something we never think about when we are younger. My family has all kinds of issues – diabetes, thyroid problems, cancers…it is something I think of from time to time and it helps me try to stay away from the bad foods. I generally don’t eat a lot of sweets and I try to stay away from a lot of breads and fried foods, you know the usual stuff. Exercise is key, although with the headaches I get, I have been really bad this year in keeping up with it (but I am starting back into the routine now that I work less too!) One thing I did do, was change breads. I usually eat the Sara Lee 45 calorie bread, which is really good, but I found out that sourdough isn’t made with sugars (hence the “sour”, I know-duh) so it doesn’t break down into sugars later like the others. It is a little thing, but it makes me feel a little better (and my family love the taste anyways!) I also drink a lot of water, or flavored water when I need something a little more. Now, if I could just start liking more fruits and vegetables, that is one I have fought my whole life!

  3. I am so proud of you! I know how hard it is to kick the Diet Coke habit, but I did it just like you did – it wasn’t that hard once I set my mind to it. And, nice to know that my joy wasn’t all in that little can – hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ I do drink iced tea and green tea. I try to drink water, but I have ot force myself. Honestly, this over 40 thing has made me think twice about what I eat, but I love sweets – UGH! And, that only happened after I had Ashlee. Before that I wouldn’t even eat candy. So, that is the next habit I need to kick… I did stop eating sweets for an entire month last year, but then I was so proud of myself, I treated myself to a pie!

  4. Wow, I love hearing all your stories about things you’ve given up. (And successfully, too! Outstanding!)

    Geri — You gave up television???? (I can hear Superman choking and trying to come back to life over that one. He would find that INSANE.) ๐Ÿ™‚ Good for you, though. You will get so much more out of playing with little Ruben than you’ll get out of the 80th time watching a Seinfeld rerun, you know? Very cool.

    Debi — You always seem so healthy, so cutting back on all the fried foods and sweets and such must do you well. But that sourdough thing — it’s so weird you mentioned that because I just read that on one of our Lifescript stories! That sourdough is actually good for tummy troubles, too, for the same reason — it doesn’t have all the enriched flours and sugars, and the fermentation can actually help soothe your stomach. So rock on! (It’s so delicious, too!) Chris and I just started buying sourdough or whole-wheat for lunch sandwiches, too. (Where we go astray is with the fresh French bread from across the street!)

    M — Ah, sweets. That’s my long-pole, too. I keep hearing that the less you eat (added sugars), the less you crave, but I haven’t seen evidence of that yet. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll keep tryin’! Your pie story is so funny — that totally sounds like something I’d do.

  5. Well, I have no business answering this blog thread until I comment thoroughly on your How I Met Superman blog ( a fun read with lots of memories, questions, revelations…), but here goes. I LOVE sourdough bread. And much less guiltily so, now that I know it’s not in the same camp as other white breads. I love wheat bread from a bakery, but never off the shelf. It’s too sweet, soft rather than substantial, and in the same camp as white bread. (There’s a funny reference to bread in James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time that has always resonated with me…) And unless wheat bread is paired with PB&J, tuna or other specific flavors I’m all about the sourdough. (Baguettes are a whole other, beautiful discussion…) The point about fermentation aiding in digestion is interesting.

    Anyway, congrats on giving up DC (better for your dental health, too. I’ve heard that diet drinks can be worse on your teeth than sugared sodas). Tea, black or green (or white) has so many health benefits, so I say enjoy that glass of iced tea whenever the spirit moves you. And a good hunk of sourdough to go with…

  6. Mmm, iced tea and sourdough bread sounds divine, Travelgal! I love it, too. I even did a whole post about going to the Boudin Sourdough bakery/museum in San Francisco. Have you been there? (I’m sure you have!) The way it’s made is fascinating. And there really is something about being in San Fran that makes it better — Something about the humidity caused by the extreme fog or something along those lines. …

  7. Caffeine. After learning exactly what it does in your body I thought, “Well, that just can’t be good.” I’ll have a coke when we eat out, and on occasion the teen will get me ONE can of pepsi at the gas station, but for the most part I have no caffeine. I drink decaf coffee and tea.

    I feel better. It’s not a major OMG I can’t believe how great I feel type of deal, but it’s a subtle, overall feeling. I just feel better. Most of all, no caffeine crashes. I HATE those.

    Bravo to you!
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