Random Thoughts.

  1. It’s hot.
  2. We had a great time with Superman’s birthday: my parents came over one night; I decorated with his favorite chocolates on the table; we went out to dinner another night; his brother made him “birthday beans” and they watched football most of the weekend. He says 44 seems like a good age.
  3. Had another great time with my book club friends on Sunday. We had brunch on Lido Isle, looking out at the yachts, and discussed The Help. Perfect morning, gorgeous setting, terrific people.
  4. I’m reading Outliers. It’s excellent, but I can’t decide if I’m disturbed by it or simply fascinated by it: It’s disturbing and fascinating at the same time to think success is contingent on so many factors, many beyond our control.
  5. It’s getting hotter.
  6. I’m speaking at a women’s group soon about social media. I find it strange that I’m doing so, but it keeps reminding me of something my son told me once: He said his 5th grade teacher told his class that most of them (in that class) would eventually be in careers that they hadn’t even heard of yet. That was 7 years ago. And yeah, we hadn’t even heard of Facebook then. …
  7. Modern Family started its new season and came out with a bang. Hilarious. Phil cracks me up. The rest of my family loves Manny — my son said he wants a burgandy dinner jacket now.
  8. The idea of sending my son to college is freaking me out.
  9. Candy corn might be the greatest thing about fall. … Well, right there next to pumpkin-flavored frozen yogurt. (Maybe candy corn on pumpkin-flavored frozen yogurt. … hmm. …) I just had to buy a big bag of candy corn at Target. I’m weak, I tell ya, weak.
  10. September is not my favorite month. Aside from the debut of the candy corn, and Superman’s birthday (which is always fun, because he insists on it), September is usually one of anxiety for me. I’ll be glad to start October. 
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6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts.

  1. What are birthday beans???

    We seem to be done with our “hot” season, but yours seemed to come on in a vicious way. Ours kinda crept up on you.

  2. Ah, “Birthday Beans” — Dave made a big pot of his delicious Spanish beans (the ones he made for you guys when you came over!) for Chris to dig in to while they watched football all day. I think it was the beginning of a beautiful new tradition! : )

  3. First I wanna say a Happy Belated Birthday to Chris! Then I want to agree with you about Modern Family! I love that show! Is a burgandy jacket on your Christmas list? Which son wants it, that is so funny?! I love candy corn too, but I haven’t bought any, so far I have been strong =) I like all your random thoughts. I do that a lot when I am driving – sometimes I write them down and find lists later! Don’t worry about the college thing, you will be fine, no need to freak yet. I went through the roller coaster of excitement and fear and sadness, etc., also, but it will all work out…really, it will….really!!!

  4. I would be interest in what you have to say about social media. Any chance of you posting your notes in a blog?

  5. Debi — Sounds like we still have a ton in common! 🙂 Ricky is the son who commented on Manny’s jacket. (He posted it as his FB status!) And I ‘m eating candy corn as I type this (I swear). But thanks, most, for your comment about college — that actually made me feel better. Truly. I know I need to just take a deep breath, and that everything will work out, but now it just feels overwhelming financially, and all the paperwork looks so daunting. But I’m also sure I’m not the only one who’s ever done this, so … : )

    Johnny — Yes, I’ll try to post some of my notes on social media. Good idea.

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