3 for Thursday: 3 TV Theme Songs You Can (Embarrassingly) Sing in Their Entirety

Three for Thursday is a new game I’m starting here for random Thursdays — But truly, it’s only fun if you all leave comments! So please join in  — I can’t wait to hear your lists. …

This week:  What are 3 TV theme songs you can sing from start to finish? (Whether you do so with pride or not is up to you!)

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15 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 TV Theme Songs You Can (Embarrassingly) Sing in Their Entirety

  1. This is a good one! I can remember a lot of theme tunes like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie, and maybe some parital words to some of the songs. Hmmm…
    1- Brady Brunch
    2 – Gilligan’s Island – sadly Jersey Girl, it is not before her time, because I am the same age she is and I remember it, haha! (Maybe it was re-runs, 😉
    3 -The Flinstones – Do cartoons count? If not, then replace it with Happy Days =)
    I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

  2. 1-Happy Days
    2-Laverne and Shirly
    3-Three’s Company

    Oh but I do (embarrasslingly, or not really) know many more!!!!!

  3. 1. The Partridge Family
    2. The Brady Bunch
    3. Laverne & Shirley

    I came up with a bunch, but narrowed it down to these three!

  4. @ Debi – I still love the Flintstones theme but what I remember most about that cartoon is Fred Flintstone doing the commercials for Winston cigarettes…and I still know THAT jingle too! “Winston tastes good like a – clap clap – cigarette should!”

    Can you believe that? It seems so wrong now but it was commonplace then.
    Jersey Girl´s last blog post ..Youth is Wasted on the Young

  5. I love all of yours! Why are we all picking ’70s shows? Maybe modern sitcoms don’t have themes with words? hmmmm … I’ll ask my kids.

    Anyway, mine are all ’70s, too:

    – Welcome Back Kotter (“welcome back …. your dreams were your … ticket out…”)
    – The Love Boat (“…love … exciting and new. … come aboard. … we’re expecting yooooou …”)
    – And I have to go with Debi and M on The Brady Bunch! (“here’s a story …”)

    Now that I’ve left all those songs in your head. …

  6. Jersey Girl — I don’t know of that cigarette commercial with Fred Flintstone! Wow. I didn’t know “Fred” did commercials. (And yeah, jingles are a whole new list, huh?) Interesting.

  7. Okay Laurie, I decided I didn’t want to repeat the same ones everyone else had (even though those are definitely ingrained in my head). Therefore, I tried to pick a few from a few years after those shows and came up with:

    1) Different Strokes
    2) Facts of Life
    3) Fresh Prince of Belair

  8. Hi, Laurie. I have to admit I’m in the 70s camp with everyone else on this. Guess it’s just a product of our age. Though I will cop to the Friends theme song. And then there is a little-known fave of “Ed” — Foo Fighters “Next Year.” And I do miss the “Weeds” theme song of “Little Boxes.” In our older camp, I am surprised no one thought of the duh-duh-duh-duh-snap-snap “Addams Family” theme song… and the other big duh-duh-duh song — BATMAN!

  9. Ahh, yes – The Facts of Life and Welcome Back Cotter. What About Threes Company! I think now they use more songs from the radio or just music, except for maybe some of the kid shows.
    Jersey Girl, I don’t remember Freds commercial either, but I do remember Lucy doing the vitamegavegamin!

  10. Not that I want to make myself sound even older, but Gilligan’s island was not a 70’s show…it aired in ’64 and ran for 3 years. The Flintstones was even older – aired in 1960 and ended in 1965…the same year cigarette commercials were banned from television.
    Jersey Girl´s last blog post ..Youth is Wasted on the Young

  11. Well, I guess we were watching re-runs then! Come to think of it, they were on during early evening and some of them day time, that should have tipped me off! Now I feel younger =)

  12. Daeners and Shea — More great ones! Oooh, a Foo Fighters theme song — finally something modern. (Though I forgot about “Friends”! The Rembrants –Another modern group, at least.) And “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” was a great one to memorize! My son even watched that in re-runs for years.

    Jersey Girl and Debi — I had NO IDEA that Gilligan’s Island aired from ’64-’67! Really? Now that I think about it, their dress did look fairly ’60s. (Although with the stranded-on-an-island thing and all, it was hard to see what their real form of dress was, huh?) Anyway, I guess I thought that was airing in my time, but I guess we were watching them on reruns. Obviously, I wasn’t very savvy about the whole “rerun” thing!

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