Whoa! That Banjo! — Mumford and Sons

Ready for some fun music today?

Have you heard Mumford and Sons? My son told me about this band and gave me his CD to borrow, so I’ve been listening to it in my car. And I can’t get these songs out of my head. …

Apparently they came out of a recent English folk movement and have been popular in the UK since about 2007, but they just released their single in the U.S. in February. Since then, they’ve been on David Letterman and are getting some big-time radio play here. So different. So fun. Sort of a fusion of Irish folk/Bob Dillon/raging banjo. And check out the lead singer pounding that bass with his foot. …


If you want to hear one more, this is my favorite song:

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4 thoughts on “Whoa! That Banjo! — Mumford and Sons

  1. Hi, Debbie! Oh, I miss talking to you through Chris about hearing new bands! I remember you always had great tips. Chris likes only his oldies, so I have to find anyone from this century through someone else. (Luckily my son helps a lot!)

  2. I saw this post when you first put it up, but forgot. The radio has been playing the “Lion” song (don’t know the right name) and I fell in love with it! I looked it up on line and have been meaning to go get the CD! I was completely surprised when I saw the “you might also like this” about Mumford and Sons this morning, I should have paid better attention the first time, huh?! =)

  3. Oh, I’m so glad you heard them on the radio, Debi! Aren’t they great? The songs just STAY in your head (that beat is so memorable). I’m glad you got to see the video again, too, for Little Lion Man — you can certainly hear the instruments on the radio, but when you SEE them playing that banjo and that bass drum (with the foot!), you can really see the talent behind it. I love “Roll Away Your Stone,” too. (Second video) I love how the lights go on and the audience goes crazy at each rousing chorus. Go get the CD! : )

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