When Real Life Is Stranger Than Fiction

So did you guys see this story on MSN this week about Huguette Clark, the mysterious heiress?

This story fascinates me. It has all the elements of a great novel: romantic settings (Paris, NYC, Santa Barbara), strange history, King Lear-like father, multiple family deaths, the mom who started out as the teen ward, the bizarro mansion on 77th street in NYC, the “friends” and “family” all having snippets of the story but not the whole truth. In fact, I love the fact that most of the story is gleaned from workers, gateskeepers, antique repair people, etc. — the people who “know” Huguette best are people she hired (sadly).

I stayed up late last night reading all this. (The slideshow is really good, too!) …

Classic case of real life being stranger than fiction. …

At 104, Mysterious Heiress Is Alone Now

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3 thoughts on “When Real Life Is Stranger Than Fiction

  1. I read Part 1…then had to get back to work – ugh! So, I will finish tonite…. I had never heard this story. I’m fascinated, too!

  2. That is bizarre! I had never heard of her either. It seems such a shame to have all the real estate sitting empty!

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