Starting Summer on a High Note …

… high note, that is, in the low desert. …

We took a quick weekend getaway to Palm Springs this weekend, and had a great time. Things I love about about the low desert:

  • Dry heat. I love it in small quantities, and when I’m ready for it.
  • Hauntingly beautiful mountain ranges. The surrounding mountain ranges make you feel “nestled in,” safe somehow, like you’re in a bowl. The San Jacintos are visible from everywhere in Palm Springs — they’re dry, and haunting, and beautiful, and timeless, and they turn purple in daybreak and turn orange at sunset, and they’ve been there since the pioneers saw them, and they’re just lovely.
  • It’s all about the pool. In Palm Springs, vacation is all about having a great pool. I love that single-minded focus. When we asked Nathan what he was most looking forward to, he said “the pool!” Easy breezy.
  • Another world. It’s a different climate (at least 10 to 20 degrees warmer). A different ecosystem (different bugs, different lizards, roadrunners!, etc.). It even feels like a different era (all that midcentury modern architecture — even the fonts on the house numbers). Yet we can get there and back on less than one fill-up of gas. Perfect.

So that was our kick-off to start the summer! Now we’re all in our laid-back mindset. …

What gets you started on “summer brain”?

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4 thoughts on “Starting Summer on a High Note …

  1. You are so right! Though it’s always summer in Palm Springs, to me!
    Had a great time and it definitely felt longer than the 2 days we were there.
    And yes the pool rocks! The hotel rocked! And sharing it all with our kids was the BEST!
    the first full day of heat and all day sunshine is what does it for me-“summer brain” that is…that’s why we had to get out to Palm Springs; where is our sun here in Orange County????

  2. I know! The sun is totally missing here today! Well, I’m sure we’ll forget all about this “June gloom” (I know you hate that term, Superman!) by the time the 4th of July rolls around. …

  3. It sounds like the perfect weekend! I would do just about anything for some dry heat about now! My summer brain starts when I start getting the pool ready – I always try to beat the first HOT day so we can go in it. We haven’t had that day yet here in Washington though and the pool has been ready since the end of May! I have only been in the pool for about an hour so far and the girls only twice (and it wasn’t sunny) I don’t think I have been this white, this late in June for a long time!

  4. Hi, Debi! So this is a particularly “late blooming” summer for you? Well, hopefully by this 4th of July weekend, you’ll be splashing around in that pool for the first time and can really enjoy!

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