Happy Short Week!

Hope you all had a happy Memorial Day weekend! We didn’t put our flag up, as we usually do (maybe by Flag Day?), but I did buy some red-white-and-blue flowers, and we say a prayer for the soldiers, and we did pretend summer had already begun with some DELICIOUS grill-out food (thanks, Superman!).

Meanwhile, I’ve just been writing away. Sorry I haven’t been writing here much. I’ve just uh … [*dusting self off*] fallen off the face of the earth, here. … Just writing a lot, every day at lunch and every evening after work.

But the exciting thing is that I finished my short story! Wow! The Queen of Never Finishing Anything finished! It’s a tad long — about 1,500 words over count — so I need to pare it down here and there, but overall I think I really like it. Superman’s reading it for me first. …

I’m holding my breath.

What did you do for Memorial Day weekend?

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3 thoughts on “Happy Short Week!

  1. I really enjoyed it! I like how fast moving it was and anything involving cowboys.
    I’m always impressed by Laurie’s ability to write about things and events even without ever really living the parts. I am quite sure that is why I am not a writer and she is. I can only write down what I know, lived. Laurie creates! She investigates, studies and observes and puts it all together with her imagination and creates wonderful stories!
    I can’t wait to read more!

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