Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!! (a little late)

Oh my gosh, I meant to send a post up this morning wishing everyone a happy Cinco De Mayo!

But my post didn’t go up (because I didn’t schedule it right). And the day rolled on with a lot of fun and I let it slip away from me. … We got out of work early; we had a taco cart at work; I met Superman in the early afternoon and we bought a car (!); I walked up to the grocery store for fresh avocado and lime, and passed a great celebration at our town square (margaritas flowing!); then I walked home and we had a GREAT dinner with my brother-in-law of homemade pork tacos/ homemade guacamole/ limes/ cilantro/ etc. … Oh, yummy-yum.

And Superman DID make these:

But my drink is … er … already gone. …


So here’s a belated toast to all of you — with a little Jose Cuervo:

Espero que tenia una feliz cinco de mayo!

(If my Spanish is bad there, blame the margarita!) 🙂

Hope yours was as excellent!

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