Speaking of Surfer Dudes …

Speaking of surfer dudes, I finally got a chance to work on a manuscript I’d set aside about a young surfer named Fin Hensen.

And it felt amazing to be writing again.

The whole weekend, in fact, was made up of early mornings; liters upon liters of Diet Coke; and hours and hours of writing dialogue, setting and character.

The only time I even diverted my attention was to tap in with my awesome critique partner, Patti, and to write a post for Popculturedivas about Big Love and the law-breaking “anti-setting” that we all know and love.

I just love writing — and January and February are months where I can throw myself in wholeheartedly.

How about you? Did you get to do something you love this weekend?

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8 thoughts on “Speaking of Surfer Dudes …

  1. Laurie,

    What is a Camellia?? A flower, a vegetable? I’ve never heard of one. And for all of you who read Laurie’s blog…her wip is EXCELLENT! And I am not biased. I was only in So. Cal once in my life and believe me, when I read it, it’s like taking a mini vacation. I’m back in Southern California for a few hours, so Laurie…get back to writing…

    BTW thanks…you know what for.

  2. Aw, thanks, Patti! I know you love the Fin story! You’re the only one who’s read it, since you’re kind enough to read a work-in-progress. But I’m eager to finish it and have an ending! Yes, yes, I must finish …

    And camellias? They’re a winter-blooming flower — scroll down on my blog and you can see my pics of mine in the back yard. They come in all colors, and I sort of wish I got a red one (often with bright yellow centers), but I bought pink because it made me happy in January. Still does! I’ll put one in one of my books 🙂

    But for now … surfer writing …

    Thanks for the compliment!

  3. I didn’t write this weekend, but I read! I finished one book and started another…I also put my son back on a plane to Michigan, steam cleaned my carpets, saved my cat from a candle (whipped his tail over the flame and burnt his hair!) – you know, the normal weekend stuff =) I am so glad you are writing, I can’t wait to read something else!!

  4. Hi, Debi! Wow, that’s a busy weekend! What books are you reading? Your dog and cat sound like they keep you as busy as your kids, for sure! And yes, I’m eager to finish this story and tag some of you beta readers again. You’ll like this story, I think, because it’s set at the beach — near your old stomping grounds. 🙂

  5. I am always eager to read EVERYTHING you write, so I cannot wait to read it!
    Keep going honey, we are all behind you!!!!!

  6. Yes, my animals have been quite the handful lately – good thing they are cute and lovable! I actually am reading some books a friend loaned me by Dixie Cash. They are just cute, fun reads with a texas drawl, have you heard of them?(they are a sister writing team). Anyways I just finished “My heart may be broken but my hair still looks great” and am now on “I gave you my heart but you sold it on line”. This is the third in a series with these wacky hairdresser/detective type women – I don’t know how many there are, but they are fun!
    The beach sounds good – wish I was stomping there now, getting a little tired of the rain!

  7. Thanks Superman! You might have to help me unravel a few plot points …

    Debi — Those titles are AWESOME!!! And wacky hairdresser/detective type women sound hilarious. Fun reading is great.

    Crystal — Glad you like his name! He’s hot, too. … 😉

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