Dinner at Eva Longoria’s

Saw Eva Longoria at her new restaurant last night!

Dark decor, flickering candles, gorgeous chandeliers, beautiful food, beautiful people, paparazzi outside, great cocktails, L.A. city lights, and Eva Longoria.

Now that was a Hollywood dinner.

(Beso, 6350 Hollywood Blvd.)

(Now I need to, um, get back to laundry and making my kids turkey sandwiches for school and vacuuming the carpet with the broken hose attachment. …)

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4 thoughts on “Dinner at Eva Longoria’s

  1. Oh, good job, Amanda! Way to the be good reporter! 🙂 I wonder if those were taken by one of the shady-looking guys in the ski caps by the valet parking. … I accused Emily of being the “tipster” for the paparazzi, but she denied it. 🙂

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