8 thoughts on “Blog Post: Overwhelmed

  1. I know the feeling. Step back, catch your breath, prioritize and don’t be afraid of making a mistake. Nobody is going to die if you get something wrong. Be fearless!

  2. I just sit back and watch our kids, it doesn’t matter what they are doing, I just watch them, interact, smile, breath…..and somehow that eases me. I am able to clear my mind and take one item at a time. I think the feeling that I have accomplished something by raising wonderful, caring, productive young adults reminds me that I am capable of many things.
    You are doing wonderful, exhibit A would be your lovely family! =)

  3. Great advice up here! Thank you all. Making lists and checking them twice and feeling better as I add check marks. …

    (Lists always make me feel better.) 🙂

  4. I hope you are feeling better. I was going to say that I always make lists to keep me focused so I don’t try doing everything all at once…but you are already doing that! Sometimes you just gotta stop everything and just find a quiet, private place to breathe in – yoga can be helpful (but then of course you have one more thing to do to put on the list! 🙂

  5. The feeling of being overwhelmed can sometimes be overwhelming in itself. I don’t think I ever felt overwhelmed as a kid growing up, going through school and even in my early days in the military. I always thought “I can do this”. And I would find a way and it never fazed me. But one day something happens and its like you are frozen. “What do I do?, how is it going to affect everyone else? What will happen done the line?”. And a million other questions come to mind. Do you ask for help? Who do you ask? What do you ask them? What if they can’t or won’t help? And a million more questions come to mind. So now you have millions of questions and you are still standing there frozen. It seems like a lifetime, but maybe 2 seconds have passed. So you start moving, doing whatever you think the next step is and if you have a family, they are probably watching you, because they know/feel something is amiss. This is the real overwhelming part, you have to fix something that is turning your world upside down and you have to keep their confidence and trust.

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