Summer Self-Portrait

100This is how I looked all this summer …

For one thing, I was always behind my camera. … (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new camera! Did I tell you how much I love my new camera? No? …). I took pictures of everything this summer.

It’s also me in my “old lady” hair. I desperately need a haircut. I don’t mean to look like a school marm (the glasses certainly don’t help), but this is how I get. When I wear my hair up every single day — that’s when I know I need a haircut. I love long hair, but it takes too long to blow-dry, so when it gets to a certain length, I give up every morning and just flip it into a little clippy thing and call it a day. And then think about how it’s “old lady” hair. And that I look like a school marm. And then I vow to get a haircut. And then I forget to call. …

It’s also me with my dangly earrings on, although they don’t show in this pic. They’re Brighton earrings. And silver. And I love them. I wear Brighton every day. My mom and Superman buy me Brighton jewelry for just about every occasion, so I have a lot of it. I usually have a couple of bracelets on, too.

It’s also me at that beach house we stayed at this summer, where I wrote for the whole weekend, and that’s going to be a very cool memory for me. I was alone this day (thus the “self portrait” goofing-off in the mirror!). But aside from the goofing off, I got a ton of writing done that weekend, and it was so neat to write in a different environment. It gave me a little taste of that “reclusive writer” lifestyle I’d so love to have someday: Just me and Superman. In some lakeside cabin somewhere. With lots of trees. Just writing all the time. And not caring about whether I have school-marm hair. …

How about you? What would be your summer “self-portait”? — Those things you wore or did every day, whether you meant to make them into habits or not … : )

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10 thoughts on “Summer Self-Portrait

  1. I love that look on you! You are so beautiful and warm. Also, I love that you are recording our family history for us; even though it is hard for me to look at pictures of the kids when they were, umm, kids…Nostalgia…
    I long for that little place too! We’ll get there baby!

  2. Something I wore every day this summer was my bathing suit. No exaggeration, I believe we spent every single day, sometimes twice a day, in the pool. Had to. Brutally hot summers leave little else to do out of doors. But I’m happy to say that as a consequence I have an absolutely FAB tan this year! 🙂

    In regards to Brighton, I have a stunning watch from them that my mom bought me. It holds wonderful memories for me because of that.

  3. Chris — Thank you hon! You’re the best. … And thanks for not complaining about the lack of style in my hair all summer. 🙂

    Jeanne — Ooooh, we’ll have to compare Brighton watches. I can’t remember what mine’s called. I also can’t believe I’m not wearing it in that picture because I wear it EVERY DAY, truly. I must have been in extreme “vacation mode” not to have it on. And being in a bathing suit every day by the pool sounds lovely. (Just don’t forget the sunscreen!!) I keep seeing that you’re having those three-digit temps — no wonder you’re by the pool! Ack!

  4. You have the same retirement dream that I do! Only I will have to live alone in the forest. That’s okay. Your hair looks great.

  5. Laurie –

    Mine is the Hamilton. I looked it up and the photo doesn’t do it justice, but it’s me and I love it!

    And BTW, since I’ve moved here I haven’t been able to find a decent hairstylist. I miss “my” Jane, who used to cut hair in London and was very talented. She gave me such great cuts I could grow them out and they’d still look great. But now – I’m ashamed to say I have no real hair style. Poor me! ;p

  6. Kathleen — So we’ll both be writing our novels in some lakeside cabins somewhere?? Nice! And thanks about the hair. But really … 🙂

    Jeanne — I’ll look up my watch and tell you the name. Yeah, isn’t that true about hairstylists???? You get really attached to them and don’t want to switch. Or you go more often when you reeeeeally like your stylist. Mine’s just okay. I’ve never recovered from losing “my” Chendo, whom I went to for more than a decade! He was the best. Your hair has great style in your avatar — how do you wear it now?

  7. Ha! I’d like to say it had great style (thank you just the same, though!)but truth be known I just literally got up and blew it dry and pushed around a shape ’til my curls looked ok. I usually have some color in my hair to add texture to layers, and blow it into a cute shape. Under, flipped, doesn’t matter. But now? I have an ok cut, but it’s way too long to wear just curly and look good, so I curl it with the curling iron and it looks good but is SO much work. You can’t underestimate a really good cut. You just can’t.

    How are you going to get your hair cut when you do?

  8. Oh, nothing fancy or interesting. I’ve been wearing the same cut for awhile, so I’ll just go back to that. I just need some kind of bangs back (to get rid of the school-marmish “bun” look), and the rest just a little layered and thinned so I can wear it down and blow it dry in a reasonable amount of time! You’re so right — you can’t underestimate a really good cut! 😉

  9. I wouldn’t post a picture of my summer self portrait for anything less than a free trip to Jamaica, and I might not even do it for that. This summer its been lounge clothes, unshaved legs, and pebbles hair. Oh yeah, I’m sexy!

  10. Hi, Crystal — Hmmm, I didn’t think of that — asking for a trip to Jamaica first! 😉 But your “Pebbles hair” sounds especially fun and summery. I’ll bet it’s cute!

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