Pics of a Dreamy Writer’s Weekend …

Sometimes life is dreamy. …

I’m sitting on this beach-house porch all weekend — with my laptop, my hardcopy manuscript, a black pen, and lots of Diet Coke — and writing like some kind of recluse. Ocean breezes are sweeping through, and a fountain is providing a wonderful backdrop.

A gal could get used to this …

(I’d better not, though.)

But for now, life is dreamy. …

This was the super-cute little room where Superman and I stayed:

087 We had a door that led straight to the patio:


And this is where I was writing:


Here’s my oldest son writing with me one morning (every writer-mama’s dream):


And here’s the little one in the pool. (‘Cause we did some of that, too.) Note his summer ‘do:

111And, of course, being 4th of July weekend, there were flags:


And fireworks:


And sunsets from the pier:


It was a visually and creatively delicious weekend. …

But it’s not over! I have one more day. So I’m going to get back to the mss. … I’m gunning toward the end. … Wish me luck …

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5 thoughts on “Pics of a Dreamy Writer’s Weekend …

  1. looks great mzwrite! a little something for everyone…

    you write longhand? i can’t even hold a pen any more.

  2. Hi, Anastasia! Oh gosh, no — no longhand. I printed out the ms, though, and was reading it on a hard copy (and making changes). It’s weird to read it on paper — I catch a lot of different (strange) things. Rhythm is easier on hard copy, also, I think.

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