Here’s a list of articles I’ve written recently. You’d think I was really healthy, huh? (And skinny, and had a dog, and knew how to cook…) But, er … no. I’m just lucky enough to get good interviews. And these folks below were awesome to interview! Hope you enjoy these:

‘Extreme Pumpkins’ at Halloween

By Laurie Sanchez … As soon as the first leaves are off the trees, they seem to pop up everywhere – those glowing, mesmerizing jack-o’-lanterns. … Some are as simple as a pair of triangular eyes and a questionable smile, but others boast three-dimensional designs with “layers” of light and flesh that lend an almost architectural feel. And some are just silly. Tom Nardone – founder of – says that “silly” is the key. … Read more.


8 Delicious Thanksgiving Dishes from Top TV Chefs

By Laurie Sanchez … Hosting Thanksgiving dinner needn’t leave you stressed. We tapped the country’s most inventive chefs and entertaining experts – Sandra Lee, Tyler Florence, Matthew Mead and Ellie Krieger – for their best tips for an enjoyable holiday. Here’s what they suggest … Read more.


‘Clean Eating’ — An Interview with Terry Walters

By Laurie Sanchez … Any time you diet, you follow the basic rule of cutting back: smaller portions, fewer carbohydrates and less fast food. But a healthy diet isn’t just about what you cut out. It’s also what you take in. That’s the idea behind “eating clean,” the latest foodie trend that shuns preservative-laden, processed foods loaded with sugar and salt for nutrient-rich, fresh, local fare. … Read more.


6 Wacky Sleep Problems: Do You Have Them?

By Laurie Sanchez … You think your dreams are weird? You might be doing even odder things when asleep – like eating, walking and talking. … Read more.




5 Common Sleep Disorders: Disturbing or Dangerous?

By Laurie Sanchez … We think our bodies shut down for the night when we fall asleep. But sometimes they’re still going – kicking, gasping, even making us wet the bed. These abnormal behaviors are calledparasomnias, disorders involving involuntary physical activity that happens during sleep. … Read more.


ADHD Moms: 7 Parenting Strategies

By Laurie Sanchez … ADHD Moms: The key to keeping your day running smoothly? Understanding how ADHD affects you, creating a plan to manage tasks – and not feeling guilty about your limitations. “You need to get rid of the guilt and create solutions that work for you and your family,” says author Terry Matlen, M.S.W., A.C.S.W., who runs the website Moms with ADD/ADHD. Here’s how. … Read more.


Eat a Heart-Healthy Diet and Lose Weight

By Laurie Sanchez … Heart problems can develop gradually with common problems like hypertension, high cholesterol levels, weight gain or diabetes, says Dr. James Beckerman, a specialist at at Providence Heart and Vascular Institute in Portland, Ore. But don’t wait until trouble shows up to start protecting your most precious organ. … “Heart disease is 80% preventable,” Beckerman says. … Read more.


How To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

By Laurie Sanchez … It’s the Holy Grail for people with diabetes – checking your blood sugar and seeing the numbers right in line. Can lifestyle changes help? Yes, says Jill Weisenberger, Lifescript’s nutrition expert, and other top diabetes doctors. Check out these 10 tips to learn how to lower your blood sugar naturally… Read more.


Top Bloggers Dish Up 7 New Pumpkin Treats

By Laurie Sanchez … Ah, pumpkin … it just speaks of fall, doesn’t it? But pumpkin isn’t just about pie anymore. You’ll now find it in everything from soy milk and shakes to waffles and cakes. To get some new updates on an old fall favorite, Lifescript asked the best food bloggers on the Web to share their secret dishes. Read on for their fun, new recipes … Read more. Also, there’s a slideshow of the recipes here.


Sandra Lee’s Perfect Party Cocktails

By Laurie Sanchez … Cocktail parties make a swanky statement and, in this economy, it’s a great way to throw a luxurious bash for fewer bucks than a sit-down dinner. Food Network star chef Sandra Lee has tips and recipes for a successful holiday soirée… Read more.



5 Seductive Recipes for Couples

By Laurie Sanchez … Struggling to come up with something hot to do for Valentine’s Day? Look no further than your spatula and stove. Author and chef Eric S. Lee shows you how to stir up a pot of passion in your kitchen. … Read more.



Denise Austin’s 12-Minute Workout

By Laurie Sanchez … Don’t have time to work out? Join the club. Between work and taking care of house, hubby and kids, exercise slips through the cracks. But 12 minutes a day is all you need to get in shape, says fitness guru Denise Austin. In this Lifescript exclusive, she shows you how… Read more.


Joy Bauer’s 10 Tips to Stay Slim Forever

By Laurie Sanchez … You’ve tried every quick weight-loss craze out there: cabbage soup for eight days, bananas for a month, grapefruit before each meal. What’s so special about Joy Bauer’s new LIFE diet plan? The best-selling nutritionist/author shares her secrets in an exclusive Lifescript interview. … Read more.



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