THE RED BIKINI: Where to Find ‘Fun Facts,’ Videos, and More

Want to read some fun “behind the scenes” info on THE RED BIKINI? I’ve got a whole page devoted to each book on my website. Here’s how to get there:

Go to my website any time,, and look for the “Books” page in the top left:

Books page

Once you click on that, you’ll come to a page where you can see all the books. Hover over the one you’re interested in, and click on the “magnifying glass” icon that should appear over the book cover:

Books page inset

On THE RED BIKINI’s page, you can find all kinds of fun stuff (fun stuff will be added to others, too, as we go along!). Right now I have reviews, testimonials, fun facts, videos, and photos for THE RED BIKINI:

Fun stuff

You can also find Book Club Discussion questions, and Chapter 1:

Book club discussion questions

And at the very bottom, you find all kinds of links to articles on other sites that share fun factoids about the book, including a song playlist and my top surfer movies!:

Read more about

I hope you have fun getting lost back in Sandy Cove!

See? “Fin” wants you to have fun:


Love/Hate Romance Covers? Here’s Your Chance to Judge!

So we really do judge books by their covers, don’t we? And romance covers, in particular, have ridden waves over the years from “clutch covers” to “pastoral covers” to “hero only” covers to “cartoon covers” to “body part” covers (usually hands or feet), which we’re seeing a lot of now.

Well, now’s your chance to voice your opinion!

The Judge a Book by its Cover Contest is sponsored by the Houston Bay Area RWA group and is one of the most fun “readers choice” contests around, in my opinion.

You get to score the best covers in contemporary romance, single-title (mine’s in there!), paranormal, historical, and more! Have fun!

You can play here: Judge a Book by its Cover Contest.

A Video of “Sandy Cove”

Want to see video coverage of the place that inspired “Sandy Cove”?

Here’s a fun drone video of San Clemente, which provided all the inspiration! You can see the train here that Giselle hears, the pier that Giselle and Fin walk along, the apartments where Rabbit and Lia live, the palm trees, the sand, the surf, and more. …

San Clemente Sky from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

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