A Video of “Sandy Cove”

Want to see video coverage of the place that inspired “Sandy Cove”?

Here’s a fun drone video of San Clemente, which provided all the inspiration! You can see the train here that Giselle hears, the pier that Giselle and Fin walk along, the apartments where Rabbit and Lia live, the palm trees, the sand, the surf, and more. …

San Clemente Sky from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “A Video of “Sandy Cove”

  1. Lauren, that was so beautiful. Really would love to live there myself, but boy I bet it costs an arm and a couple of legs to do so. You really can bring yourself into the book after watching that. So romantic. I love how the train is right near the beach like that.
    It really gives you some insight into your writing about Sandy Cove. How can anyone not find love there after seeing that? WOW!! Thank you so much for sharing that, it really will give ME more meaning behind Sandy Cove when reading the series now.

  2. Well, there is the intro for when the movie comes out! That makes me miss the beaches so much – really beautiful!

  3. Wow, that is so beautiful…the music was amazing as well…sigh…that is exactly how I pictured it, except for the apartments…I thought they were multicolored, some how…but wow….awesome job!!!!

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