Celebratin’ and Celebratin’!

Whew! Last weekend was quite a series of Christmas celebrations! I had my work party on a boat that sailed around Newport Harbor (complete with a dance floor, a casino floor, a delicious buffet dinner, door prizes and more). Then the next night we went out with old friends (since high school!) to a restaurant I love; then I had my book club brunch; then I tried to do a little more wrapping and shopping to Christmas music! These are busy Christmas days, but always so fun. … I keep trying to remember to enjoy every second. (And I think I need to put that work-party yacht in a Christmas novella someday!)

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2 thoughts on “Celebratin’ and Celebratin’!

  1. Don’t you just love the hustle-and-bustle if December? One if my favorites months of the year. Looks like fun times!

  2. Yes, I do ultimately love it, Barbara! I have to keep reminding myself not to worry about the details — that it’s all about just getting together with people and connecting. Then I think it’s really fun! 🙂

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