‘The Red Bikini’ Surprise Launch Party: Some Surprise Guests!

So after I walked into my surprise launch party with complete and utter surprise, I looked around at all the fun guests who were there.

First, most of my book club girls were there! I love my book club friends, and we’re going on nearly 15 years now. We’ve all been through so many life events together — dating, breakups, travel, moving, job losses, job gains, weddings, showers, babies, health issues, children in school, children joining the military, children going off to college, parents aging, becoming grandmas (!), the list goes on and on. So sharing this big milestone meant the world to me! I didn’t get a picture of everyone, but here’s some of the group (Laura, Debbie, and Carrie [top photo]; Angela and Mary Ann [bottom photo]):

IMG_2022 IMG_2023Two “surprise guests” were friends from high school (who have loose ties to the book club, knowing fellow book-club founder Barbara, and having gone to high school with me and Barbara). One has been my friend since 5th grade (!!), and one was a friend in high school who is now one of my faithful beta readers. (And, as a side note, two went to elementary school with my husband!) Here we are, the VHS girls (me, Michelle, Barbara and Dawn):

photo (10)

(Please excuse my hair in that photo! I don’t know what it’s doing. … It looks like some weird 1960s doll hair. …It was hot in the room, and my hair was turning into a frizzy, curly mess…)

Anyway, as I made my way through the room, I saw that another whole table was filled with the over-70 crowd! My mom, my friends’ moms who were always so supportive of me, and lo and behold, my high school English teacher Mrs. Kerby!!!! My goodness, I couldn’t believe it! (As another side note, Mrs. Kerby was also the English teacher of historical romance novelist Suzanne Enoch, who was a year ahead of me. Mrs. Kerby goes to Suzanne’s events, too.) (Go VHS!)

Anyway, it was great to get caught up with these wonderful, supportive women. Here they are (my mom, Mrs. Lucas, me, Mrs. Kerby, and Mrs. Young):

photo (11)

My son was also there, drinking cocktails, because he just turned 21, which is weird for me. But it was awesome to see him there being so supportive. (My other two kids were too young for a cocktail event.) Here he is with hubby and Mom:


So my friends and I ate delicious seafood appetizers (an amazing clam bake, salmon deviled eggs, ceviche, and more — YUM!), drank champagne, chatted each other up, told stories, laughed, drank more champagne, had cake, I signed a bunch of books, and I had the best time ever!

Thanks, Barbara! That was a moment of a lifetime for me!

P.S. Sadly, I’m missing the lovely Lauran from these photos because she was nice enough to take most of them! Thank you, Lauran!

P.P.S. Here’s a picture of the awesome cake!

‘The Red Bikini’ Surprise Launch Party: How it Went Down …

Red Bikini cake! So — holy cow, my friends surprised me with a RED BIKINI surprise launch party shortly after the book was launched! And I was truly surprised!

It was thrown by my friend Barbara, from the book club. Barbara and I actually go way back – we went to high school together, she a year younger than me – but we reconnected in our mid-20s because we kept going to the same parties of a mutual friend, and we decided to start a book club together. Over the 15 years of the book club, we’ve become better and better friends. Barbara actually went to my first Romance Writers of America (RWA) meeting with me when I decided I wanted to try my hand at writing romance novels in about 2006. (Even though she has no interest in RWA herself!) She’s always been the most supportive and encouraging friend.

So she planned it and then sort of had to involve my husband when it came time to the details. Now I say this all love and respect, but I use the words “had to” because my sweet hubby is THE WORST at keeping surprises. … Continue reading

Whew! Welcome, August!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s August already!

And what an amazing book launch month of July I had!

I don’t know why anyone calls a book launch a “day” or “week” because it is truly a whole month of craziness. That was so much fun! But really a whirlwind. I’ll have to go back and relive everything slowly.

Additionally, since it was my first, and of course I don’t really know what I’m doing marketing-wise and really didn’t know what to expect, the whole thing felt like water balloons being tossed my way. Fun, funny, jiggly water balloons, which I tried to catch with all that fun-mixed-in-with-nervous-giggling-anxiety.

Plus, my blog! So neglected! (So sorry, little blog.)

I have many blog posts started but none finished. So I’m going to try to finish them all and pub them throughout the week. Here’s what’s on tap:

Also, are you as excited as I am about Outlander coming out on Starz this weekend? Jamie Fraser is still, I think, my favorite romance hero to date. Verra sexy.

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